15 D.I.Y Pompom Decor Ideas

15 D.I.Y Pompom Decor IdeasA simple craft idea for your next D.I.Y. home decor project, using pompoms.  Pompoms are the easiest, most versatile objects to make and decorate household products, items and accessories. These are vibrant, colorful and fun to add to almost every other house item. You could make pompom rugs, mats, pillow cases, covers, danglers and much more. Usually made of wool, they look like soft, cushion balls cut into sizes big to small; this is an easy and  fun way to get a little crafty for a little do it yourself home decor makeover.

This Is An Easy Tutorial On Making A Pompom:

Take a wool yarn of your choice, a fork and a pair of scissors. Take the wool string, wind it around the teeth of the fork leaving a bit of the start of the thread loose to tie in the end. After winding sufficient amount of thread around, tie a knot with the two ends, binding it all in the center. Cut the two sides of the bound wool thread and you have a pompom made in seconds. Continue to do so to create more and colorful pompoms for more D.I.Y ideas. You can also use your fingers instead of a fork or the legs of the table to make more pompoms in a faster way.


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Here Are 15 Different Ways To Use Pompoms To Create Household Decor Item.

1. Pompom Chair Cushion:

Using a whole yarn to create big size pompom, add them all different colors and size together to achieve this vibrant looking cushion. Wooly, cosy and colorful it will be as heart warming as it will feel.

Pompom Chair Cushion

2. Pompom Decor Danglers:

Make door knob dangler or a dangler decor piece. Nothing can go wrong with a few pompoms dangled together.

Pompom Decor Danglers:

3. Pompom Party Stands:

Add a bit of imagination and gear up your party with some pompom fun. Bright colored pompoms to elevate your party decor.

 Pompom Party Stands:

4. Pompom Drink Mixtures:

Simple and cute, a little pompom sticks to add a little touch of creative indulgence in the drinks you are about to serve. A perfect idea for those who pay attention to details to cater their guests only the best; popping, bright colors just right for a summer party, a pool party or a birthday party.

Pompom Drink Mixtures:

5. Pompom Cupcake Streamers:

Need inexpensive, creative and cutesy party decor ideas?

How about pompom cupcake party streamers, don’t they look yum!

 Pompom Cupcake Streamers:

6. Pompom Letter Stands:

Plush decor idea: use pompoms to create simple yet creative looking decor items to install anywhere, in any corner of your house.

 Pompom Letter Stands:

7. Pompom Toys:

This is for all the lovely mommies, big sisters, elder brothers, nannies, grannies; if you love making gifts for younger children. Cheer up the little toddlers who just love to play with plushies, soft toys or are just learning to recognize and name the animals, insects, birds, all the intriguing new creatures they see around them. Make them your very own D.I.Y plush like pompom toys. It’s inexpensive, fun, they can have more toys to play with and have fun growing up learning with you.

Pompom Toys:

8. Pompom Mobile:

With a little touch of love and pompom addition you can also create a D.I.Y mobile for the little baby who loves to watch little objects twirl round and round when hung from above the ceiling.

Pompom Mobile

9. Pompom Bouquet:

Pretty and chic! A simple pompom can add so much beauty to your room decor.

 Pompom Bouquet:

10. Pompom Bookmarks:

This one is for all the bookworms who love to read. A thread of yarn to neatly mark your favorite book so you can start where you left as soon as you get back to it.

Pompom Bookmarks:

11. Pompom Wreath:

If you are yet quite not done with all the pompom craze, here’s one for the holidays. To make a wreath of pompoms for the most amazing time of the year, Christmas. Isn’t it a wool-fully beautiful idea?

Pompom Wreath:

12. Pompom Basket:

A little decorative addition to the commonest of household items, make them look pretty fancy with garlands of pompoms attached to it. Around the rim or base of baskets and other storage objects to add some character.

 Pompom Basket:

13. Pompom Wall Hang:

The creative minds can find many ways to express creativity, strung up the pompoms to create charming wall hangs and decors for your living room, children’s room, play room or bedroom.

Pompom Wall hang:

14. Pompom Rug:

Nothing can be more calming than a soft, fluffy, pompom rug under your feet. A must make D.I.Y project, worth an attempt.

Pompom Rug:

15. Pompom Add On:

This is totally fun to make, clip it on your handbag, strung it to your scarfs, attach them to the rim of your pillow cushions. Dangle and add them wherever you like. It is sure to make you fall in love. The many colors, innumerable color options of yarn is sure to get you hooked on and once begun I bet you can’t stop!



Pompom add on:

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