13 Easy-To-Do Decor Ideas To Spruce Up A Sunroom

A sunroom is a glass-enclosed room, attached to the house and is accessible from the interiors. Having one installed in your home is the perfect way to enjoy the beauty of garden surroundings, yet stay indoors and avoid harsh weather.

Here Is A Look At Some Very Interesting Sunroom Design Ideas To Try Out

1. Scandinavian Style White Sunroom 

An all white room has a fabulous look and reflects the brightness of natural sunlight very well. With items such as table, chairs, sofa, curtains done in white the ambiance reflects pure elegance and luxury.

Scandinavian Style White Sunroom

2. Cottage Style Design 

A rustic cottage style design will easily blend with surrounding gardens and usher in a charming environment. All furniture items must be made from natural materials like wood or wicker. Place lots of indoor plants or arrange flowers in small bouquets and place them in vantage points across the room. Lovely blue, pink or green wall paint will complete the look.

Cottage Style Design

3. Traditional Look

A sunroom with colors that blend with garden foliage gives a wonderful look. Nice lush armchair, cozy coffee table and a shelf with a reading book will make the place look wonderful.

Traditional Look

4. Green Color Theme 

A sunroom that is done entirely in green gives a fabulous effect. All items ranging from table to curtains, even the cutlery used in the room should be in this color.

Green Color Theme

5. With Skylights 

A regular sunroom becomes even more fantastic with skylights. They allow sunlight to come from the ceiling and give a glamorous look to the settings.

With Skylights

6. Glass Roof

Usually sunroom designs always have a cement ceiling. Opt for a glass ceiling done in an elaborate design to add sophistication to the room and to bring into it a lot of natural light.

Glass Roof

7. Use Bamboo Furniture

Using bamboo furniture gives a very natural look to the room. Place comfortable cushions on the chair and a colorful cover over the coffee table to bring on the rustic look.

Use Bamboo Furniture

8. Cottage Style Sunroom

These sunrooms have a vintage look and bring in the old world charm with their pastel shades mixed with white color.

Cottage Style Sunroom

9. Tiles Flooring 

Put in tiles with colorful patterns to give the room a vibrant look. Contrast the tile’s appearance with white or cream colored furniture items, curtains and decor items.

Tiles Flooring

10. Ranch Style 

Instead of the usual white or pastel colors infuse only ranch style colors into the room. Give it a bare, countryside look with rustic furniture items that gives a captivating yet comfortable ambiance.

Ranch Style

11. Barn Style

A barn style sunroom gives a countryside look to the room and reflects sunshine brilliantly. The distinctive appeal of barn wood cannot be matched with other décor styles, giving a very impressive, yet cozy look to the place.

Barn Style

12. Large Windows And Fireplace 

Instead of having small square windows opt for French style ceiling to floor windows. They give a fantastic view of the outside and bring in plenty of sunshine. Couple this with a rustic fireplace and you can enjoy a charming ambiance.

Large Windows And Fireplace

13. Decorate With Flowers And Indoor Plants 

A typical sunroom is plain with just basic furniture. Adorn it with lovely floral arrangements and indoor plants. With a garden surrounding the home, the room will look like an extension of the garden into the home space

Decorate With Flowers And Indoor Plants

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