13 Attractive Etched Glass Ideas For Modern Living Room

The living room is the most stylish room in our house so it can be made more appealing by creating a theme, the room can be more beautiful by using etched glass decorative ideas:

1. Ceiling:

Ceiling room with the false ceiling stylish etched glass artistic designs in the centre of the living room endures  a scenic and exceptional decorative feature to the room, etched glass made ceilings can be colorful or colorless within the living room , various designs of water, flowers  and many other imaginative figures, can be introduced to the ceiling design, gives a modern look and innovative feeing to the space.


2. Etched Glass On The Partition Walls:

The new look can be seen with a cool and calm feel when an etched glass separation is applied to the wall specially clear glasses or frost glasses with various figurative designs such as sculpture glasses, 3d painted etched glasses, which are available of various sizes , they are breakable, hard, long lasting glasses and are capable of maintaining the privacy because of being non- transparent.

Etched Glass On The Partition Walls

3. Etched Glass Flooring:

Flooring of etched glass tiles that may be frosted or plain glass gives a shiny appearance to the floor not slippery for its friction property made through the designable patterns and are of various colors, thickness and sizes, which can be cleaned easily with proper maintenance. The glasses can be placed at the center in various decorative forms with other floorings such as wood or the whole floor can be made of colored anti slippery glass tiles. The best look is when the glass floor is placed at the top floor when the floor below are visible from above, it can easily help in putting an eye from above on the ground floor and at the same time gives an excellent interior aesthetic.Etched glass made center tables.

Etched Glass Flooring

4. Etched Glass Made Center Tables:

Center tables made of etched glass are found with various stylish cutouts which brings in a beauty to the room and a small thing with high form of liveliness  along with the contrast to the furniture whatever the material the sofas with small cubes of etched glass coffee tables are also available that does give a wonderful  appeal  to the decoration of the room.

Etched Glass Made Center Tables

5. Semi Etched Glass Fish Bowls:

Outstanding etched fish bowls are placed on the side table or corner table of the room will give life and comeliness to the nature, because of the water and swimming fish in the decorative etched glass bowl, with a lucrative atmosphere even to the corners of the living room.

Semi Etched Glass Fish Bowls

6. Display Unit Paneled With Etched Glass:

The cabinets or the display units that are paneled with etched glasses, furniture made of hard fiber wood, plywood or wood in all cases looks stunningly attractive because of the designs present on the etched glasses,

the furniture can be placed not only in the living room but every place where required, the cabinets not only maintain a beauty but also at the same time maintains privacy when the glasses are frost or colored with various designs kept in living room or anywhere else.

Display Unit Paneled With Etched Glass

7. Etched Glass Vases:

Numerable designed frost glass vases are found of variable shapes and sizes which are used as decorative item in the living room. The vases itself because of the glass material is enough to represent itself as a display item. Artificial faux flowers can be put into the vases to add more extra beauty to the display item placed on the center of the table or on the side tables in the room.

Etched Glass Vases

8. Planters Made Of Etched Glass:

Planters can be hang on the wall of the living room made of etched glass, which will exhibit a shiny and modern showiness to the interior design of the living room, the planters can also be places in the bay windows, casement windows of the living room which will also give the space of the windows a modern and artistic gesture. Planters may be colored or frosted or clear glass with paintings various forms will give variability in the decoration of the living room exhaling freshness to the living area.

Planters Made Of Etched Glass

9. Etched Glass Doors:

Entrance doors made of semi etched glass with wooden material or total etched glass door in the modern living room is excessively fascinating which gives a new look and helps in entering of light through the glasses to the room. The etched glasses are of various carved cuts, sculptured or 3D painted brings in splendor to the living room or the entrance zone interior and as well as from exterior  architectural view.

Etched Glass Doors

10. Etched Glass Windows:

The window provides an excellent exterior architectural view as well interior of the windows with various 3ds paintings of colorful tree, plants on the frost glasses look excellent, the simple etched designs on the glass windows are none the less, it also provides a simplicity with exquisiteness , further providing a passage of light through the window panels.

Etched Glass Windows

11. Chandeliers And Lights Made Of Etched Glasses:

The splendid lights in the room because of their stunning look gives the room an extra ordinary form of interior decoration, different  form of chandeliers are available with excellent design of etched glasses along with pieces of mirror attached to the chandeliers and light brackets which are colorful or frosted etched glass gives the room a stylish appearance to a far extent.

Chandeliers And Lights Made Of Etched Glasses

12. Wall Hang Items And Display Items From Etched Glass:

Various attractive wall hang decorative items can be fixed on the free wall of the living room. Photos or images made of etched glass, display items  colorful animals, etched mirrors can be fixed  that will make the interior decoration more expressive by filling the blank walls with displaying and wall hang items.

Wall Hang Items And Display Items From Etched Glass

13. Lamp Shades Made Of Etched Glass:

Colourful and frost lamp shades of different designs and shapes are can be placed on the side tables which will give an exposure of colorful lights and at the same time will give a cool and calmness to the people relaxing in the living room at night. The lampshades can be placed on the display unit or the corner tables also that will provide light at the same time give the room a contemporary look.

Lamp Shades Made Of Etched Glass

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