13 Amazing Mudrooms For Your House


Mudroom is generally made to keep your regular wears such as jackets, shoes immediately after entering the house or wearing it before leaving the house so that you can keep the house clean and dirt free which you carry inside through the shoes you wear, the cabinets are made in such a way that it is spacious enough for storage and the floor is such made that it can be dust free or  it can be easily cleaned as in the room the shoes are opened and tendency of accumulation of dirt is high. Few mudroom designs are given below

1. Mudroom With Smaller Width:

The mud room though is small in size which is present in the entrance of the house, contains the storage place at the top of the cabinet,  hooks below to hold the clothes and the raw texture of the wood, the bottom also contains the storage for the shoes and bags along with a sitting place.

2. Spacious Mudroom:

The mudroom is spacious with lots of space for storage for clothes and shoes, the cabinets are painted white matched with the wall paints, the storage are mostly in the form of the drawers, at the bottom and the open storage are above with a sitting place below, baskets are also provided to store small things, the beaded top of the cabinet and arch at the top of the storage cabinet makes the mudroom more decorative.

Spacious Mudroom

3. Small Mudroom Cabinets:

The mudroom has a less storage place, with two drawers at the bottom to store shoes and a single column with the shelves and the baskets within it for storage, a row is available at the top also with beaded edges on the top and a place to sit below and to hang the jackets on the hooks, grooves on the cabinet has made the cabinet decorative.

Small Mudroom Cabinets

4. Ventilated Mudroom:

The mud room is not only spacious but also has a proper ventilation and light entering through the window but it has reduced the storage space of the clothes and shoes, with a L shaped sitting on one side and straight on the other side with few more storage and hanging for the jackets and other clothes.

Ventilated Mudroom

5. Little Ventilated Mudroom:

The space for the mud room is not that good, as well as the ventilated window is small, the storage is at the bottom and the shoes are kept below the storage, baskets are provided on the top of single shelf, jackets can be hang on the cabinet space given below, though small the vertical grooves painted in dark blue color.

 Little Ventilated Mudroom

6. Small Sitting:

Separated into three parts with the hangings in two parts and a small sitting space to sit, wear or open shoes and jackets. There are storage drawers on the top of the cabinet and below with shelves  along with basket, though small but has enough space for storage.

Small Sitting

7.  Lower Sitting:

Mudroom without any separation and shelves at the top of the cabinet for storage the decorative beauty can be found on the white painted body along with the wooden texture of polished brown color, the space below the sitting area is for keeping shoes and drawers at both the corners  where you find more place for storage. The space for storage is less though with much lengthy dimensions.

Lower Sitting

8. Small Storage Space:

The storage space in such mudrooms are very less, with two separations, storage on the top and a closed cabinet, hanging cloths can with less place whereas keeping the shoes below the cabinets. one side of the cabinet is open and fixed with racks to hold magazines and newspapers. The cabinet though white in color is beaded on the top touching the ceiling with a low height.


9. Granite Sitting Top:

Three small separators with small spaces within the shelves along with storage spaces on the top and drawers below, the best part of the mudroom is the sitting space is much more with a granite top of brown color granule textures and light brown color painted shelves, hanging clothes are arranged with the beautiful hanging hooks. Though the mudroom has less storage spaces but has a good sitting space.

Granite Sitting Top

10. Full Height Mudroom Cabinet:

Totally dark brown wooden cabinet that is elegant and durable, the height is greater that touches the ceiling, with beautiful vertical grooves, covered storage places on the top and below the sitting cabinet. The shoes can be kept below the open space and the clothes can be hang on the hooks fixed on the back board of the cabinet.

Full Height Mudroom Cabinet

11. Mudroom In Living Room:

Mudroom within a living room can be made with a length on the free wall of the living room immediately entering the room, the storage space is found on the top that is covered and  a shelf to keep things along with the space for hanging clothes and the shoes below on the floor.

Mudroom In Living Room

12. Elegant Mudroom:

Wooden ply mudroom with a stunning dark brown colored body and aluminium made fixtures on the dark wood gives a grand appearance with proper spaces to store things along with your shoes and cabinets, the space between the shelves are big enough thus making it sufficient enough for your storage.

Elegant Mudroom

13. Black Top Sitting Area:

The L shaped sitting top with a chamfered edge and white walls and cabinets make the mudroom very attractive and lively, at the same time the storage space is greater in number those are covered.

Black Top Sitting Area


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