12 Ways To Use Old Wine Bottles For Home Decor

Glass bottles are one of the biggest dumps in landfill sites all over the world. If you have lot of empty wine and beer bottles, you can cut down on unnecessary waste by getting a little creative. Wine bottles come in beautiful shapes, hues and sizes. You can give them new look and new life by up cycling or re purposing them and creating versatile objects. You will be amazed to find that by simply adding paint, lace or few decorative craft supplies, you can create so many interesting and creative items, be it something to decorate your home or something functional.Here are 10 great ideas among hundreds of possibilities that requires just a bit of craftiness for transforming these old wine bottles into something unique and awesome.

Here Are 12 Ways To Use Old Wine Bottles For Home Decor

1. Hanging Lights

A row of hanging lights is a nice decorative display for a kitchen island, or can be used as decorative party lights. Select few empty wine bottles that are similar in color, size and shape. Insert small lights inside each bottle and hang them from the ceiling. This decorative light display is ideal for a beach home also.

Hanging Lights

2. Wine Bottle Vase Or Center Piece

This is an inexpensive and easy craft idea for old wine bottles. First spray glue over the bottle from bottom to the top; wrap yarn around the bottle tightly so that no glass shows. If you like, you can paint it also or leave it. Attach artificial flowers, beads or ribbon and use it as a vase or a center piece. Also add water and flowers to transform them into attractive vase. You can add glitter, ribbons whatever you like to use them as vase.

Wine Bottle Vase Or Center Piece

3. Outdoor Lights

For playful outdoor lights, clamp a bottle to a wall or fence and fix with a fuel based light or candle to bring a warm glow to your patio or deck.

Outdoor Lights

4. Self-Watering Planter

You will need a glass cutter for this creative craft. Cut the neck of the bottle. It should be less in length than the bottom piece to easily fit into the bottom portion. Thread a string through the hole and place the neck piece inside the bottom piece. Fill one third of the bottle base with water. Pull the string up so that it can reach the bowl in which you have set the plant. Fill the bowl with soil to cover the root and so that the string stays in place. Now your self-watering planter is ready. Keep it in your balcony, windowsill or wherever you like.

Self-Watering Planter

5. Wine Bottle Shelves

Have you ever imagined creating shelving unit using wine bottles? All you need is few same sized empty wine bottles, a drill, same size slabs of wood and varnish. Drill holes into the wood slabs so that you can insert the neck of the bottles; for 1 shelving unit you will need 4 bottles. Drill holes on both sides in equal diameter. This way make hole on other slabs. Add stability using hook and strainers.

Wine Bottle Shelves

6. Painted Glass Wine Bottles

Paint the glass bottles with decorative paints. You can gift them to your guest’s by filling salad dressing, homemade squash etc. These type of gifts are well accepted and received by the guest. This is one of the great ways to save the environment.

Painted Glass Wine Bottles

7. Decorate Wine Bottle With Clear Stone

Fill wine bottles with pebbles, glass gems that glow when light shines through them. Apply embellishments using glue to decorate the bottles. Light traveling through the bottles and gems will create a great visual appeal.

Decorate Wine Bottle With Clear Stone

8. Wine Bottle Lantern

Cut the bottom of wine bottles. Put a candle on a piece of tile. And cover it with the bottle you have cut. Don’t cover the mouth of the bottle with cork. Allow air to circulate.

Wine Bottle Lantern

9. Wine Bottle Chandelier

Cut the bottom of 4-5 wine bottles. Color them in different colors. Insert small electric bulbs with wires. Join them and hang them together on an electric circuit on the ceiling. A beautiful chandelier is ready.

Wine Bottle Chandelier

10. Stained Glass Panel

To get more creative, cut the bottom of wine bottles of different, sizes, color and patterns. Arrange them to form a nice pattern in a panel. Hang this nice wall art where it catches sunlight.

Stained Glass Panel

11. Wine Bottle Table Lamp

Cut top portion of the wine bottle. Add a lighting kit. Screw in the bulb and the shade and you are done. Make sure you have wired correctly, so that there is no spark.

Wine Bottle Table Lamp

12. Bottle Garden Edging

A good way to use lot of old wine bottles is use them for creating an edging for your garden beds. Just bury them in line upside down. You can use bottles of different colors.

Bottle Garden Edging

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