12 Ways To Maximize Space In A Small Bedroom

When your bedroom size is small, you have to ingeniously use space so there is enough room to move about, yet store all items that you need conveniently inside the room.

Here Are 12 Ways To Maximize Space In A Small Bedroom

1. Wall Shelves

Instead of having a huge shelf that occupies lot of space, install a wall shelf. You can use it to store books, DVDs, small clothing accessories etc. Since it is attached to the wall, the room looks more spacious. You can opt for either an open or a closed shelf.
Wall Shelves

2. Sofa Cum Bed 

This furniture item has a two-in-one function. You can use the bed to sleep at night and during the day time it can be folded back into a sofa. Your room looks bigger and there is space to keep more important items.
Sofa Cum Bed

3. Create A Loft

Instead of buying a huge cupboard to store items, create a loft space either from wood or steel to put away things that you will not use frequently. Have an easy-to-climb ladder installed as well so that you can easily access items in the loft when you need them.
Create A Loft

4. Stool Cum Storage Box

Instead of getting plastic chairs, buy comfortable, cushion stools which can be opened up to put things inside. You can use it to store small items that are required every day.

Stool Cum Storage Box

5. Wardrobe Cum Mirror

Opt for a wardrobe that comes with an attached mirror. This helps you do away with the need for buying a dressing table that will only clutter up the small room area.
Wardrobe Cum Mirror

6. Table With Drawers Or Shelves Below

A huge table will take up a lot of space inside the room. Opt for a small table, but one that has shelves or drawers below so that you can stack up magazines, newspaper, DVDs and other such items.
Table With Drawers Or Shelves Below

7. Closet With Hooks On The Side

Your closet should be more than just a place for keeping clothing items. It should have hooks on the side door where you can hang things like handbags, umbrellas, cameras etc. You can easily reach such items every day, plus they don’t land up under a pile of bigger items.

Closet With Hooks On The Side

8. Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Instead of having a lamp stand next to the bed, get a swing arm lamp mounted on the wall. This saves on floor space and it is more convenient to use. You can turn the lamp in any direction according to your lighting needs.
Swing Arm Wall Lamp

9. Multi-Functional Computer Table

Look for a computer table that can also be used as a study table. It should have drawers and shelves where you can keep important items that are needed every day when you sit down to work at the table.

Multi-Functional Computer Table

10. Mount Television On Wall 

Do not buy a television showcase. Mount the TV on the wall using a strong wall stand. You can easily operate it through the remote. The cost of such a stand is lesser than a large television case.
Mount Television On Wall

11. Wall Attached Study Table 

If you don’t need a computer table, opt for a wall mounted study table. It should be a plain marble slab that’s affixed to the wall. Put a plastic chair next to it that can be pulled out to sit and use the table to write or read.
Wall Attached Study Table

12. Loft Beds 

A loft bed frees so much of space on the ground, allowing you more area to move inside the room. In a small bedroom, the area beneath the loft can be turned into a closet, else it be used to place a study table.

Loft Beds

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