12 Stylish Wooden Pallet Signs

Wooden planks can be used to make the wooden pallet signs, that you can used to personalize with beautiful quotes that will decor your entrance or your kitchen or living room, any place of your house. The upcycle of of old wooden planks to make something new with the variation in the shades and textures of different woods, it brings a rustic gesture to the pallet signs, many types of upcycling of the wooden planks can be done as sign pallets, adding few more artificial leaves, flowers or may be carving the wooden pallets makes more sleek. The wooden planks can be obtained from the old wooden windows, doors or old wooden tables which you can restore to make wooden pallet signs as discussed below.

1. Beaded Pallet:

The old wooden planks of a size of 4 feet X 3 feet with horizontal fixing of the planks painted in white primer and beaded with a black colored frame is an eye catchy pallet that may be placed at the outdoor space of your entrance with a beautiful inspiring quote.

Beaded Pallet

2. Kitchen Pallet:

Small vertical pallets attached together of brown texture can be hanged in the kitchen with such similar quotes, “chop it like it’s hot” with white color of writing on the pallet, the quotes of white flourish more on the brown, pallets of these type makes your kitchen more attractive.

Kitchen Pallet

3. Single Plank:

One dark textured wooden plank of a standard size with a word as a sign board or as a pallet with beautiful quotes whatever it may be placed on the stand or wall base at your front open space is one of the simplest and easiest way to make a wonderful pallet decoration.

Single Plank

4. Painted Pallets:

Three wooden planks placed parallel with the same color at an equivalent distance looks amazing in your dining hall, with a the words such as coffee or cappuccino or may be any much more better word you find suitable for the dining area.

Painted Pallets

5. Random Write Ups:

Wooden planks of three different shades and wooden textures are placed parallel to each other and the best part is the words that has a meaning or gesture of inspiration written randomly whether vertically or horizontally hanged in your family room gives an amazing decoration with the wall pallets.

 Random Write Ups

6. Racks:

Brown wooden made racks out of wooden planks, dark planks looks grandeur on the light colored painted walls and can be placed in the kitchen to keep small required things or in the living room to keep few display items on the racks made of the dark brown wooden planks fixed on the wall.


7. Decor Pallets:

Single wooden pallets of a particular size and beautiful attractive texture of brown color shade with wonderful sentence filled with white color, to give the pallet a much more extravagant look a sunflower has been attached, instead of sunflower attach roses or green leaves that can be placed in your bedroom or in the study room.

Decor Pallets

8. Two Wooden Textures:

The big wooden plank of brown color or a wooden brown colored and textured board with various dearest and known words or quotes close to our heart can be written, the frame is bounded with the black colored thick wooden planks, the different colored wooden texture looks amazing in the dining hall.

Two Wooden Textures

9. Wooden Figures:

Two wooden planks placed one on another and attached with a carving of deer on the top wooden plank, and another texture of wavy wood below looks extremely splendid along with sophisticated at the entrance of the gate of your house.

Wooden Figures

10. Different Wooden Texture:

Place this pallet on the top of the entrance door, it gives a new variation and style to your house, the old wooden planks as the base of the pallet and the word “home” is made of the wood of different shade where the difference can be easily observed as the darker wooden base and lighter wooden shade or texture.

Different Wooden Texture

11. Beloved Quotes:

Two dissimilar sizes of the wooden pallets of same painted dark color, with the smaller in between, the difference in sizes of the wooden planks has made the pallet look much more splendid along with the quotes for your beloved placed on the table of  your living room.

Beloved Quotes

12. Clock On Wooden Pallets:

The wonderful wall clock, the outstanding texture of the wood makes the clock look more attractive, the pallet is painted with the rustic barn wooden numbers  allotted, it is an laser engraved wooden clock, wherever placed in your house will increase the warmth of the space.

Clock On Wooden Pallets

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