12 Stylish Sofa Side Table Ideas For Your Living Room

The living rooms may sometimes are decorated with big or large sofa where the center tables may not meet the purpose of serving and having your tea or read your newspaper or magazines. The sofa side tables are used for such purpose where you can be comfortably sit and have your tea or coffee, sometimes you can sit and enjoy your books or newspaper. The side tables can be of various materials, sizes, designs and shapes , the innovative and artistic modern ideas beautifies your living room with style, few types of side tables are discussed below.

1. White Wooden Side Table:

Smart starts with the word “S” and so the shape of the sofa side table that has been give a s-shaped made of wood, the whole is painted in white, enough space for magazines and books requires a very less space with a convenience to sit by the side of the sofa and enjoy your reads or drinks.

White Wooden Side Table

2. C Shaped Side Table:

The sleek C shaped side table will make your living room the most adorable place, it is one of the light weighted furniture made of fiber or plastic so it is durable and hold your tea cups and books easily, the material itself is glossy with variable attractive colors.



3. Illuminated Light On Side Table Top:

The side table is one of the new form of creativity where the side table is attached to the sofa with a small space for inbuilt lamp and a space to keep the magazines on the other side of the table, one more tray or side table is kept on the side of the sofa handle to hold tea or coffee.


 Illuminated Light On Side Table Top

4. Iron Stand Side Table:

The side table is highly useful as it can be used in any place of your sofa to keep your things and eat or drink. The stand is innovative with curved stands and wooden top, the stand is made of wrought iron that makes it lucrative as well as durable with a flat holding surface below.

Iron Stand Side Table

5. Wooden Side Table With Magazine Rack:

The light weighted and splendid look of the side table is made of  wood. The top and bottom layers are wooden, polished to look shiny. A rack for holding magazines are placed on one side at the bottom of the side table, it is portable and can take it anywhere and use.

Wooden Side Table With Magazine Rack


6. Iron Stand With Etched Glass:

Iron stand with thick square bars to hold the red color wooden top, the rectangular designed within the stand bars are further more beautified with the fixed etched color glasses, of various shades, as a whole the side table is one of the contemporary furniture.

Iron Stand With Etched Glass

7. Metallic Side Table:

These the metallic side table easy to maintain and clean along with a stylish and contemporary look, it is such a sleek table that when put at any corner of your living room will catch the eye of anyone, as a sofa side table it can be used in the living room, the circular large top and smaller diameter bottom to hold the side table of silver look makes it amazing.

Metallic Side Table

8. Glass Made Side Tables:

Transparent etched glass sofa side tables, that is an elegance to your living room, it is one of the side tables of extravagant look, it requires to be kept cleaned as it can easily catch dirt and stain that will not at all look good on the tables as it is transparent glass, but gives an appealing gesture to the living room.

Glass Made Side Tables


9. Plywood Side Table:

The plywood side table for the sofa in the living room gives an extra space for the books and the magazines in the racks present in the side tables. The top of the side table is larger in width that is comfortable enough to keep your cups or magazines, it is not portable and different colors can be added on the body apart from natural plywood colors.

Plywood Side Table

10. Plastic Fiber Made Side Table:

Plastic fiber sofa side table is extremely durable and lucrative that may be applicable to your living room. The creative structure of the side table is stylish, hard and can be roughly used with no maintenance, this types of furniture brings in a flavor to your room.

Plastic Fiber Made Side Table


11. Sleek Side Table:

Wooden bottom holding the aluminium made sleek stand, various innovative ideas can be applied through the aluminum stands, it is strong and durable with a transparent glass tops of proper size. The combination of aluminium and glass together produces a splendor.

Sleek Side Table


12.  Innovative Racks:

Dark wooden side table with the innovative and stylish racks below, where you can stack magazines and small size books. The top is used to keep tea cups placed at the side of the sofa table. The table is not portable but is highly durable and the modern looks initiates an appealing living room.

Innovative Racks


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