12 Ideas To Ravishing Living Room

An extravagantly stylish living room with extraordinary innovative and expensive decorative items for the interior designing of a living room is a dream of every person living in a house and the modern, elegant living room can be obtained by utilizing the required splendid furniture and décor materials in a proper manner.

1. Sitting Area:

Rich black colored 3 seater leather sofa with love seater on both sides pairing the 3 seater  leather sofas which is highly sophisticated furniture that gives a fantastic feature to the living room. The contemporary feature allows to adorn the area, the furniture with arm rest  of the sofa gives more relaxation with push back cushions .The leather material is itself extravagant and the push back gives more luxury.

Sitting Area

2. Wall Paints:

Wall paints are the compulsory element to every room, attractive glance of the room depends on the quality of material are used in painting. The matte painting is the least reflective which has a velvety texture and easily can hide all imperfections of the walls and the ceilings, therefore offers a great depth of color but is difficult to clean if dirty. Other paints are also available such as satin paints which are shiny and can easily be cleaned.

Wall Paints

3. Flooring:

Exotic flooring can be applied through hardwood flooring which is the rarest and will give your room an exception. The flooring is unusual with extra ordinary look and not easily available. The flooring will naturally exhibit a luxurious feeling because of shiny, with easy maintenance held with fantastic appearance.


4. Ceiling:

Ceiling is one of the important part of the living room which should be kept in mind while planning for the interior decoration of the room,  in modern false ceiling designs many lavish, stylish designs are available with different stunning curvatures and projections, with the false ceiling, the design can be well turned out with playful design with the drop slab depending upon the room size and different colors can be used to put more luster to the room decoration.


5. Water Fountain:

Entrance of a ravishing living room should be excellently decorated  such as an indoor water fountain made of fiber glass, poly resin materials of various astonishing designs of pots, stones, single tier, double tier with LED lights looks amazing placed at the entrance of the living room. The fountain can be placed at the corner of the room only if the entrance lobby is spacious .The LED lights of colorful designs gives an attractive effect to the entrance as well provides light to the entrance door and lobby, apart from this the water gives a feeling of closeness to the nature.

Water Fountain

6. Wall Stickers:

Several types of stickers are available in wall decals but a large sticker of forest tree pasted on the wall according to the size of the free wall of the living room, the large sticker of the room first of all decorates the free wall and gives the room a classy view. The sticker of the scenery of a green forest  or a garden of flowers gives the feeling of a green atmosphere sitting inside the room.

Wall Stickers

7. Brass Made Flower Vases:

Sleek flower vases made of brass metal is the classic category, various types of artistic designs are drawn on the vases and the shiny feature of the metal attracts the guests visiting the house. Brass made pots are also seen in which beautiful flowers floating on the water within the pots  placed at the entrance lobby, an  aroma of fresh flowers surround the entrance area which gives a warm welcome to the people. Various brass made antique pieces can also be placed on the wall.

Brass Made Flower Vases

8. Windows:

French windows opening to the gardens or any opening from where the nature’s beauty is visible. It is wonderful to watch the large open area sitting inside the room. The windows should be large and polished wooden framed which emphasis stylish feature, the windows may be of wooden color or of any other color, expensive woods Oakwood, Salwood and Gamar  wood polished or varnished  with texture is enough for the elegance of the windows.


9. Door:

Dark brown door with a thickness of wood and excellently designed  ensures an aesthetic view exterior of the house and interior as well the doors can be colored  matched with the wall paint of the living room. The large door with fixed or open panel at the either sides and large double paneled door  at the center of the living room exhibits a contemporary look, glass panels are also found  large at the entrance doors.


10. Window Curtains:

Window curtains or drapes must be elegant and colorful, the measurement of the drapes must be kept in mind , that should be according to the size of the windows. Curtains with the images of various sceneries, people and places are also found which gives the living room a modish effect. The other contrast of colors and different materials of cloth cotton, velvet, synthetic are found , velvet drapes executes a style to the living room.

Window Curtains

11. Lights:

Classic or modern chandeliers are the best to drive your living room look more fabulous, the larger the room the larger the chandeliers placed at the center the room. The false ceiling with the colorful lights, ceiling lights endures a radiance, spotlights can be placed on the entertainment units or any display items which explores the view of the displayed antique piece items.  LED lights are required to lighten the whole living room and the number of lights are placed according to the requirement for the room.


12. Center Table:

Excellent types of center tables of solid wood made of various artistic designs are found , with different shapes, side tables should be placed on the either side of the sofa, if the living room is spacious. Spacious rooms require a larger size of a center table. Vintage center tables can give the room a classy appearance along with the sofa matched with it, apart from wooden vintage center tables there are various modern, contemporary center table which will give the interior a modish and exclusive appearance.

Center Table

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