12 Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas To Declutter The Kitchen Space

The kitchen can become a mess if you don’t organize items like utensils, cookware, knives, spices etc. Introducing the right storage elements can remove clutter and make the place more spacious.

Here Are Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas To Declutter The Kitchen Space

1. Shelf With Racks 

Get a small wood cupboard done, enough to fit into a corner of the kitchen. Instead of putting shelves inside, place slanting wire racks. You can put away cans with dry items here. Any time the door is open, you get a full view of what’s inside, allowing you to see what’s available and what needs to be replenished. Plus, you can reach out for things that you need faster.

Shelf With Racks

2. Store Bags In Tissue Boxes

The doors of your kitchen cabinets can be used for attaching tissue boxes. Don’t throw away any tissue boxes in the house. Stuff them with plastic bags or paper bags that you need to use in the home as well as for keeping items in the kitchen. When you need the bag, open the cabinet door and pull one out from the box.

Store Bags In Tissue Boxes

3. Sink Storage Trays

Your kitchen sink cabinet doors can be used to attach trays where you can keep items such as dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner, bleach and other items that you would need for keeping the kitchen and home clean. Disinfectant liquids, soaps, washing powder etc come in large cans and can take up a lot of space. Store them in this way so that neither are they visible nor do you have so set aside some area to keep them.

Sink Storage Trays
4. Mounted Baskets And Caddies

Do not clutter the kitchen countertop with items. Food items that are kept in jars can be put into baskets and caddies mounted in the countertop wall. This frees up so much of space and allows you easy access to cooking items whenever you need.

Mounted Baskets And Caddies
5. Make Compartments In The Kitchen Drawer

Add small compartments to the kitchen drawer to make it easy for storing and putting items. Things such as spoons, knives, small filters, ice cream scoops etc can be easily stacked in here.

Make Compartments In The Kitchen Drawer
6. Wood Board With Attached Containers 

You need a medium sized wood board. Wrap it in wall paper. Make holes in it for putting in screws which will be attached to containers. These containers can be used to store small items such as knives, ladles etc. You can also hang kitchen cloth on some screws. Your entire spice rack can be set up here to hold various spices. The board gives you quick access to important kitchen items and you can get a glimpse of everything just by looking at it.

Wood Board With Attached Containers
7. Island Kitchen With Lots Of Storage Space 

The island kitchen can be converted into a neat place to store lots of items ranging from food to cooking utensils. Place drawers and shelves on one side to store things that you are likely to use every day. You can also have a rack put on the other side to hang items such as pans, lids, ladles etc.

Island Kitchen With Lots Of Storage Space

8. Deep Cabinet With Extensive Storage Racks 

A deep cabinet is enough to store practically all your utensils. Instead of having shelves inside the cabinet, put in stainless steel racks, as they offer more space for storage. You should also have such racks fitted to side of the doors.

Deep Cabinet With Extensive Storage Racks
9. Spice Rack With Tiny Compartments 

You can make a small spice rack from an old crate. Have compartments inserted into it, so that you can store various spices and condiments in here. There are also crates available with such compartments. Have it hung on the wall so that all the spice bottles can be seen. You can pull out a spice bottle easily whenever it’s needed.
Spice Rack With Tiny Compartments

10. Rack For Hanging Pot Lids And Pans

You can install a stainless steel or wood rack on the wall with screws or nails that can be used to hang pot lids and pans. These items will be easy to find when you need them, plus they won’t occupy space in cabinets, which can be used for other important items.

Rack For Hanging Pot Lids And Pans
11. Use Overlooked Areas 

Places like the side of the kitchen sink, oven, and countertop can be used to hang items used everyday such as saucepans, cutting board, pots etc. They can be hung unobtrusively here, thus leaving room for other items that have to be used in cabinet drawers and shelves.

Use Overlooked Areas
12. Cabinet Doors 

The side of the cabinet doors can be used to hang measuring cups and spoons. No need to cram such small items into drawers. They can be easily hung from racks attached to the door and easily lifted out when needed.

Cabinet Doors

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