12 Amazing Ideas To Add A Paris Style Touch To Your Duplex Apartment

Paris is said to be the fashion hub of the world. Anything which is related to Paris is considered to be very stylish and fashionable. All of us want our homes to be extremely stylish and fashionable. It shall be a good mix of style, fashion and elegance with things in place. Many of us take inspiration from Paris while doing our homes. Many of us have duplex apartments. We want our apartments to look stunning with the modern Paris apartment look. There are a number of amazing ideas for doing up a duplex with the modern Paris look.

Some Of These Ideas Have Been Mentioned And Discussed Below

1. L Sofa

The L shaped sofa is one of the most amazing looking sofas. They are comfortable and give your living room of the apartment a great look. The sofa looks modern and stylish. It also occupies the area of the room nicely.


2. Wooden Cabinet

For your duplex apartment you shall have wooden cabinet. The wooden cabinets give your home a nice and appealing look. These cabinets also make your home look very stylish. It is one of the best cabinet styles for your home.

Wooden Cabinet

3. Wooden Flooring

The wooden flooring adds a richness and appeal to your Paris style duplex. It makes your apartment look extremely classy and stylish. It has a charm which can’t be missed or ignored.

 Wooden Flooring

4. Cemented Stairs

For a duplex apartment the stairs are one of the main attractions of the home. You can have an amazing cemented stairs for your home. It looks lovely. To give a more enhanced and appealing look to the home you can embellish and enhance the look of your home.

Cemented Stairs

5. Dark Rugs

Rugs add a very different look and class to your home. Rugs add style and elegance to your home as well. For a Paris inspired duplex apartment you can have dark rugs in your home. The dark rugs will not get dirty easily and will also help in keeping your home neat along with adding style to it.

Dark Rugs

6. Kitchen Cum Dining

It is always a great idea to utilize space in your home in the best possible manner. It is very important to design your home nicely and utilize space in the best possible way. You can have a kitchen cum dining room. The dining area can be an extension of your kitchen. This will look really stylish and it will also have larger space available for your kitchen and dining chores. The area will look lovely.

Kitchen Cum Dining

7. Lamps

Lamps always have a certain charm and look which is very hard to ignore. These days there are a number of amazing lamps which are available in a number of styles and looks. These lamps enhance the look of your apartment. You can choose the best lamp for your home according to the style and space available at your home.


8. Glass Doors

The glass doors have an elegance and charm which is very hard to miss or ignore. They look very stylish and attractive. You can have these glass doors in your home which can replace the old doors. These will add a new stylish look to the duplex apartment. You will love the look of these stylish doors.

Glass Doors

9. Sliding Windows And Doors

Sliding  windows and doors look stylish and classy. They have a very different look which changes the way your home looks. You can use different lengths of sliding windows and doors for your home and it will look extremely fashionable and trendy. It is a great way to add a lovely Paris style look to your duplex apartment.

 Sliding Windows And Doors

10. Solid Tiles

These days most of us prefer using patterned tiles or tiles with some design on it. For a Paris style apartment you shall use lovely solid colour tiles. These tiles give a very classy and appealing look to your home.

Solid Tiles

11. Mirror

Mirrors are one of the most attractive and appealing accessories for your duplex apartment. For a modern Paris looking duplex it is very important that you have nice and appealing accessories in your home. Mirrors are one of the most amazing accessories with different cuts and frames. These will enhance the look of your apartment and make it look more eye catching.


12. Terrace Garden

For a duplex apartment you shall try to have a nice little terrace garden. This will give your apartment a new feel and look which will be loved by you. You can decorate this beautiful place in your home in the best possible way and simply love the look of this garden. It will be the favourite area in your apartment.

Terrace Garden

These are a few amazing ideas for having a stunning Paris style duplex apartment.

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