11 Ingenious Way To Transform Old Furniture Into Trendy Looking And Usable Items

It is surprising how old furniture can be transformed into something new and innovative with a little bit of creativity. Give life to old pieces lying about the house or something that you could find in the flea market. Here is a look at some very interesting ways to repurpose old furniture items:

Here Are Ingenious Way To Transform Old Furniture Into Trendy Looking And Usable Items

1. Table Cum Storage Unit 

A window sill and an old table is required. Cut the table down to the size of the sill. Place wooden boards on all sides of the table frame to make a box interior. Place the sill on top of the box and add a hinge to one side and a handle to the other side. Put a table cloth over it to convert it into a tea or coffee table for a twosome. Pull the window top to place magazines and other small items inside.
Table Cum Storage Unit

2. Turn A Library Card Catalog Into A Glamorous Table With Storage

An old catalog shelf can be turned into a table by attaching legs to it. Give the body a nice makeover with mica sheet or wood paint. Place a mirror on top to complete the finish. This item doubles up as an excellent place to keep small things. You can place it in the living room to enhance the look of the area.
Turn A Library Card Catalog Into A Glamorous Table With Storage

3. Turn Typewrite Table Into Bedside Table 

A small bedside table is useful to keep things like magazines, personal items like a brush, perhaps even your medication. You can easily find typewrite tables in the flea market. Transform it into a side table by cutting down its size so that it becomes short. Color it in a nice brown shade and gloss over the paint to complete the finish.
Turn Typewrite Table Into Bedside Table

4. Turn Door Into Coffee Table

The front door can be transformed into a large coffee table. The door can be painted in different shades of brown and gold to give it a glamorous look. Add short legs and set it in the living room surrounded by sofa sets.
Turn Door Into Coffee Table

5. Stylish Bench 

Take two chairs, place them side by side and glue them together. Put wood boards at the bottom to make a storage space. Paint in white to compete the finish.
Stylish Bench

6. Wall Shelf 

The odd, worn out step ladder can be painted in a bright hue and hung on the wall to serve as a shelf as well as décor item. Small items and curios can be placed inside it and its look will change a bland wall into something pleasing and attractive.
Wall Shelf

7. Colorful Cupboard 

There are lots of book shelves and cupboards available in the flea market. Usually the doors are in bad condition. Remove the doors and any nicks that you see on the surface. Paint the cupboards or shelves in a nice elegant grey paint. The shelves inside can be painted in various colors to give a bright look to the piece. Place this in the living room as a décor as well as a functional item that holds small books and other such items.

Colorful Cupboard

8. Poultry Crate 

These crates are usually huge which means they have so much of space inside for storage. A single large crate can be easily converted into a coffee table with space underneath for holding magazines – quite an ingenuous way to transform something that was once used to hold hens. The entire crate must be painted, legs should be attached. Remove the breath-wise panels and set in the drawing room for a dramatic look.
Poultry Crate

9. Table Cum Shelf

Pieces of log that have been lying around in the home can be converted into a table with a shelf below. Put the logs together into a table arrangement, attach stands at the bottom and paint using a dark color. You can easily create one with lots of space for storage.
Table Cum Shelf

10. Book Shelf From Shutters 

Window shutters can be repurposed into a book shelf. Some baric carpentry skills are required here as you have to cut the shutters into the right size and attach them to form a shelf exterior. Place wood panels inside to make the interior shelf units. Paint the exterior with a glossy color and the look is done.

Book Shelf From Shutters

11. Turn A Bed Into A Sofa Cum Storage Unit

This is a very innovative way of reusing an existing furniture piece. A bare bed structure can be cut down to the size of a sofa. Add the sofa resting board, but instead of sticking the board as the base, make a hinge on one side so that it can be turned up to keep items inside. A bed with a retro look will make this transformation look really neat.

Turn A Bed Into A Sofa Cum Storage Unit

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