11 Fresh Ideas For Indoor Herb Gardens

Herbs are your secret magic that elevates your dishes to a great deal. However, herbs are not stored in home as a lot of people are unaware of the storage process. Therefore all you are forced to do is rush to the market. But the question is why can’t you have an herb garden of your own? That’s because you are probably not willing to. Anyways, indoor herb gardens are a very good and easy way to get naturally grown herbs under your own supervision.

Here Are 11 Fresh Ideas For Indoor Herb Gardens

1. Mason Jars Herb Garden

Don’t write them off just because of their name. Mason jars are very latest and hip way to grow herbs indoors. Plus they are surprisingly easy to assemble and install. They don’t demand more except for the wood boards to rest on and clamps to hold them. The biggest plus is that you can always check the water level present in the jar.

Mason Jars Herb Garden

2. Inverted Jars/Bottles Herb Garden

This will give you quick access to the herbs since you can suspend them upside down in over your gas oven. Whether you choose bottles or jars, make sure the mud stays firm and intact all through. The biggest plus is that you can get them installed even if you are short on space.

Inverted Jars Bottles Herb Garden

3. Throwback Tin Boxes Herb Garden

Absolutely vintage by looks and very useful at the same time; long before jars, these tin boxes would be the perfect storage space for locally produced herbs. You too can get these tin boxes but just ensure there is proper drainage wherever it is stored. Have trouble finding them? Try a thrift store. You may find one for sure.

Throwback Tin Boxes Herb Garden

4. Labeled Herb Garden

Come on! The juice box, soaps, detergents and even switches have it; why can’t herb jars have the names of herbs printed too? This will also serve as caution for those who mistake the one herb for the other!

Labeled Herb Garden

5. Drawer Herbs Garden

This on simply rocks! Who would have thought that they could also store herbs? Herb drawers are latest in terms of ideas to have indoor herbs. You need not use all the chambers at the same time as it can affect the open-close look negatively. Though they look good, once again place storage is something you need to consider for them.

Drawer Herbs Garden

6. Wine And Soda Bottle Herbs Garden

Discarded by many, wine and soda bottles are best for storing only one favorite herb of yours. They can be kept in secluded places like kitchen sink. What it adds is a lot of style. How? Have you seen the endless curvaceously shaped wine bottles? Hate the booze but it is the bottles you must choose!

Wine And Soda Bottle Herbs Garden

7. Clothespin Planter

The display of herbs in clothespin planter will go all the way to please you. The build is country and very earthy. Wood, mud and herbs; The three combine super cute ideas to grow herbs indoors.

Clothespin Planter

8. Terrarium Herb Gardens

In other words, this is a mini greenroom for growing herbs. Plant a selection of herbs in pots and store them in this glass house that will give optimum sunlight for growing herbs. The patio of the house also gets utilized in the process.

Terrarium Herb Gardens

9. Teacup Herb Garden

Get some bigger teacups that you do not use anymore and a drill hole in them to make teacup herb garden. Let the water drain into the saucers first. Teacup herb gardens may be small than others but nevertheless fresh as idea at the moment.

Teacup Herb Garden

10. One Pot Herb Garden

There is nothing to lose for small kitchens that admire herbs and want to grow them in herbs gardens. Just one pot herb garden is perfect for your set up. Only this time choose a big pot so it can have all the herbs planted properly. Storage of the same is not a headache either. Ground them or hang them on wall; you will get all of them at the same time. Every time!

One Pot Herb Garden

11. Three Tier Herbs Garden

You have seen three tier cakes; surprise the crowd with three tier terra cotta pot stands herbs garden that are so very presentable and would add novelty as storage sections. Terra cotta pots are not fancy objects to find and buy, you can have them easily. Of course the correct ascending order is big, medium and small pots. Although, your favorite herbs list may or may not be in the same order!

Three Tier Herbs Garden

The above mentioned indoor herb garden ideas are totally unique which is going to add new look in your garden. So, try them out!

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