10 Wonderful Pallet Furniture Ideas

You can make wonderful indoors and outdoors furniture by recycling wooden pallets, which are nothing but waste timbers. The concept of using pallets to make useful home décor is now gaining popularity across the world. By prudent and creative use of those throwaway wooden pallets, you can make rustic garden lamps, useful shoe racks, elegant mailboxes, cozy sofa sets, outdoor chairs, coffee tables, book cases, wine racks, garden furniture and what not, all within your budget. The making is simple and not much time consuming either. Here, let me shortlist 10 brilliant do-it-yourself ideas for you, so that you can make your own furniture from the pallet woods.

Here Are 10 Wonderful Pallet Furniture Ideas

1. Pallet Garden Lamp

Pallet garden lamps can make your garden more attractive and can make your driveway look elegant during night. Simple pallet wood garden lamps are easy to build and are best suited for large gardens.

Pallet Garden Lamp

2. Pallet Letter Box

If you desire to make something different with the pallet woods, then what about the idea of redesigning your mail box with it! I am sure such an attractive mailbox can be of your neighbors’ envy.

Pallet Letter Box

3. Pallet Wine Rack

Wine lovers will be happy to hear the making of beautiful pallet wood wine rack is not too tough! This simple and exciting project can be done by hand or using machine tools.

Pallet Wine Rack

4. Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

Attractive and charming coffee cup holders can be made by cheap and eco- friendly wood pallets. Such a coffee cup holders can give your kitchen a magnificent look. You can also make it in different shapes and colors. So, stop searching the market and try to make a custom coffee cup holder, all by yourself!

Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

5. Pallet Bookshelves

Using different sizes of pallets nice and elegant bookshelves can be made. Different type of designs and colors can give it an attractive looks. It can either be hanged on the wall of your child’s room or can be placed at the corner of your study.

Pallet Bookshelves

6. Pallet Bench

One can also try make a beautiful pallet wood bench. Carefully choose two pieces of pallets for the base of your bench and just be extra careful about the damaged ones. Don’t worry much about the shape and texture. Just pick up and give an incredibly good shape to your bench.

Pallet Bench

7. Pallet Deck

Making of a beautiful home is not only for others to see and appreciate, but is important for our daily lives as well. Beautiful wooden pallet decks can add a different dimension to your home and backyard.

Pallet Deck

8. Pallet Fence

Attractive wood fences can easily be made by pallets without spending lot of money. You can even get magnificent looks by using different colors and stylish designs. For example, 44 pallets of 40×48 inch dimension is good to make a 100 ft. fence around your house.

Pallet Fence

9. Pallet Wood Sofa Set

Every home needs a comfortable, cozy corner to relax or spend some quality leisure time. If it can be made all by yourself easily and with a modest budget, then there is nothing like that. You can fulfil your desires by designing catchy sofa sets using pallet woods.

Pallet Wood Sofa Set

10. Garden And Patio Décor Using Pallets

Beautiful and comfy corners of garden and patios can be decorated at low expense using carefully chosen wood pallets. These can add a nice rustic look to your garden and courtyard.

Garden And Patio Décor Using Pallets

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