10 Ways To Shake Up Your Living Room Look

That’s it! You have to say “get alive” to your living room which has been wearing the same leather upholstered look for years now. Shaking up a living room is not that hard provided you go by the books. Keep in mind that every room has benefits and handicaps. But few things remain the same; size of your living room is what you should consider before any facelift of living rooms. Next, blue is the most preferred color as it brings the sense of serenity and tranquility. Now that you some basic steps, try shaking up your living room look by these 10 ways. The protocol is; Minimal changes in every department.

Here Are 10 Ways To Shake Up Your Living Room Look

1. Oversized Art

Instead of a group of small pieces of art, it is better to have one painting or portrait on the wall. Not only is it bold, it also spares much space that can be otherwise used for more additions in near future. Abstract art is said to have the most impactful effect.

Oversized Art

2. Mounted Shelves

This is an important piece of advice for those who have smaller living rooms. Keep your books and small pieces of art in wall shelves to spare yourself some room for floor lamps. Mounted shelves are the oldest way to create some space by altering very little your house’s architecture. Besides, why not breathe life to the walls with some of your favorite books. Be sure though about whatever things you keep in these shelves. It is living room after all and there is no point in making a mess of it.

Mounted Shelves

3. Smaller Tables

Put away the boring single coffee table and go for a couple of bold colored small table or furniture to enliven the living room. Don’t forget, much as your living room is about class; it is also a place for you and your guests to strike conversation. Choose bold patterned furniture to add maximum effect and rock your living room.

Smaller Tables

4. Illumination Arrangement

Do not go for furniture overkill. You also have to take care of lighting as well. Therefore, try and accentuate the lighting arrangements of your living room with several lighting accents. If contemporary is what you want; go for LED themed illumination. If you want country set up to shake up your living room then punched-tin lamps and candle racks good. Oversized jar lamps can also be an addition as conversation starters.

Illumination Arrangement

5. Sustainable Living Room

They are all about getting yourself accessories to shakeup your living room which is not conventional choices. Sustainable living encourages a lot of cottage industry stuffs and shuns the idea of perforated leather furniture and accessories. In the same lines, DIY methods are also encouraged. Go for an ethnic set up with a lot of hues and handmade small vessels and potteries.

Sustainable Living Room

6. Go Green Living Room

This is a pretty cool idea to shake up living room; use of greenery. Then again there should be undertones of it. Much like the feng shui followers who keep a bamboo plant in their office desk, you too should not try too hard and add a plant or two in the living room. This will certainly be a refreshing change that could imbibe positive energy.

Go Green Living Room

7. Living Room Drapes

How could they be kept aside? The most hassle free way to shake up living room any day is use of drapes and curtains. Contemporary living room or not drapes are inevitable. They add vigor in your lifeless colored walls with bright hues. So, nest time try drapes that are light in color such as pink, orange and blue and see the effect it has on the makeover.

Living Room Drapes

8. Vintage Décor

It seems only yesterday that vintage décor for living room shook our world. The high impact décor for living room, they can make the room eclectic in no time. Vintage themed cushions or may be besides tables look fabulous. Anything as simple as vintage ashtray on the table is a good way to shake up living room.

Vintage Décor

9. Scandinavian Touch

The loudest possible way to shake the living room would be the one wherein you have the industrial touch replete with meticulously designed furniture and accessories for your living room. They combine green, creative and contemporary.

Scandinavian Touch

10. Carpet Camouflage

Cover the living room floor with an interesting carpet to brighten the appearance especially in the winters. Another novel way would be having a set of small carpets that can again be replaced or altered with the big ones. Rugs keep your floor clean, remember?

Carpet Camouflage

Try the above mentioned ideas and see the difference in the look of of your living room.

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