10 Ways To Give Your Breakfast Nook A Fresh Look

We all have a dining space in our houses but having a breakfast nook is equally important. A small or a large space near or in the kitchen is the perfect way to have a breakfast nook. The breakfast nook is basically the space with one or two chairs near your kitchen area where you take the first cup of coffee, a toast and read a newspaper to start your day. This corner should be colorful and cheerful so that you have a cheerful day. From color combinations to furniture to accents

Here Are 10 Ways To Give Your Breakfast Nook A Fresh Look

1. Bright Breakfast Corner

Now when you have decided to give your breakfast nook a fresh look, have a look at this sunny and bright breakfast corner. First of all, paint your corner with yellow and white paints to make it look sunny. It’s better if you can have a built-in bench of yellow and white color. If you are not in a mood of spending more money, you can change the color of your chairs and table to bright colors like green, yellow, orange, etc. Start your day here to stay bright throughout the day.

Bright Breakfast Corner

2. Repurposed Picks

You can give your breakfast nook a whole new look by just changing the wall paint or adding an accessory. To give your breakfast corner a sophisticated look, change the wall paint color to silver-gray and also change the color of your bench cushions to blue and white. If your pocket allows, change the old lamp with a silver light fixture having an industrial look.

Repurposed Picks

3. Huge Window

Make a corner area with huge windows your breakfast nook. You can have built-in seating arrangement as it requires less space and provides more storage area as an added bonus. If you think the seating arrangement is not enough for the whole family, then keep few extra chairs.

Huge Window

4. Kitchen Booth

Add two metal stools to your breakfast nook constructed of wood. Metal stools will give it a new look. Also, the stools won’t take much space and can be kept to one side when not required. White wood breakfast nook with blue overstuffed seats and cushions make it more attractive.

Kitchen Booth

5. Soothing Colors

A coat of calm and soothing colors can refresh the look your breakfast nook. You can add a huge flea-market table and vintage looking wooden chairs to give the breakfast corner a fresh look. The vintage looking breadboxes not only provide a clever storage for your table linens but also enhance the look of the corner.

Soothing Colors

6. White All Around

Giving your breakfast nook a completely white look is an amazing idea. White walls, white tables, white chairs, and white windows with colorful cushions look amazing. You can purchase white furniture or paint the furniture and wall yourself with white paint to give your breakfast nook a marvelous look.

White All Around

7. Tangy Orange

Give your pale, lazy and colorless furniture a pop of orange by adding an orange center table. After incorporating an orange table to your breakfast nook, the whole look of the corner will be changed. It will become more bright, fresh and colorful. This might be the best idea to give your breakfast nook a fresh look that too in your budget.

Tangy Orange

8. Smart Furniture Placement

If you don’t have an inbuilt seating, keep a settee with its back attached to the wall. The neutral color of the settee will liven up with brightly patterned cushions. Team up the settee with an iconic mid-century table and sea green colored chairs. Once you make this strategic and clever furniture placement, you’ll love your breakfast corner more.

Smart Furniture Placement

9. Compact Kitchen Breakfast Nook

If you have a compact kitchen and want to have an amazing breakfast nook in the kitchen itself, then this idea will turn out to be a great idea for you. Add a long and narrow industrial table instead of a huge dining table with wooden stools gathered around it. It will offer enough space for your family to start their day together from the kitchen.

Compact Kitchen Breakfast Nook

10. Artsy Breakfast Corner

The inbuilt banquet-like seating with big overstuffed cushions provides comfortable sitting arrangement to the whole family. The seating has a storage space below it. The pastoral mural on the wall of the breakfast nook enhances its appearance. You can use any pastoral mural of your choice to give your dining area a new, fresh and improved look.

Artsy Breakfast Corner

Try these above mentioned ideas and experience the different ways of having breakfast!

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