10 Ways To Decorate A Victorian Gothic-inspired Home

The word Gothic always gives a dark feel and people can associate with that easily. But that is not what gothic is all about. The Victorian gothic is a great architectural trend that started in the 1740’s. During that time the houses were made in such a manner that they had space, tall ceilings and beautiful art work along with classic showpieces. There are many things that the people try to do to achieve that look. Of course it is not possible to make the ceilings tall and renew the house but there are many different kinds of things and different elements you can use to make the house Victorian Gothic. There are lot of ornate used in the Gothic Design and you can simply do it all by yourself and make your house look Victorian Gothic. To make the house look like that you must learn the art and make your house look so classy.

Mentioned Below Are The 10 Ways To Achieve A Victorian Gothic-inspired Home

1. The Dramatic Furniture

Victorian Gothic is not a simple art to achieve. For that you will need a lot of things that will add drama to your house and will make it look classy. The interior of the house has to be great so as to achieve that look without a fail. The furniture that you must use should be classic and should portray that era.

The Dramatic Furniture

2. Use A Great Wall Paper

The wallpapers play a very important role to get eth Victorian Gothic look. These wallpapers will define the intensity of the house and will make your house look rich and cozy. The furniture of the house has to be matched with the wallpapers or vice versa. It is important so as to maintain the monotony of the house and make it look pretty.


3. The Kind Of Colors You Must Use

The Gothic art is not always black or dark. It can also be the warm tones. The houses that are made of warm tones gives a very warm feeling. The Gothic houses, despite of being very spacious looks a little bit filled with stuff, as that is how they are. Therefore it is very important to make sure that the kinds of color you choose are great and makes sense.

The Kind Of Colors You Must Use

4. Kinds Of Material For Victorian Gothic Theme

This is also a very important thing to consider while you are trying to make your house look like Victorian Gothic. The materials has to be very stylish and dramatic and therefore chose the kinds of materials that will add on more drama to your house rather than making it look dull and boring.

Material For Victorian Gothic

5. The Types Of Material To Use

Now that you know what kind of material to use, now you must also know the type of material to use. The draperies make a lot of effect in the house and they are ornamental and add a lot of drama in the house. Using long stylish curtains, which are long and heavy gives the house a good feeling. You can use tassels or other things to make it look more beautiful and Gothic in that sense.


6. Use The Gothic Equipment

The equipment that you use in the house also adds on to the lot of drama and gives the house a Victorian gothic look. Therefore you must be very careful as to what you chose to keep on your cabinets or on the display units. The wrought lamps, carved sconces, pottery bowl all looks very beautiful in the house and make your house look classy and dramatic.

Use The Gothic Equipment

7. The Lancet Windows

Lancet windows are tall and slender and they look very beautiful. It is usually the part of the stained glasses and are surrounded by the moldings. This is the kind of designs you will see in all the churches and medieval houses. The lancet windows can be found in the markets and you can hang them anywhere you want. It looks very beautiful and gives a classic feeling to the house.

 The Lancet Windows

8. The Style Of Lights To Be Used

The lights adds a lot of drama in the house and you must be very careful and choosy as to what kind of lights you want to use to make your house look Victorian Gothic. The big candlesticks look very nice and give a Gothic touch. You can use the iron lamps, iron wrought chandeliers and other things to get the desired feeling.


9. The Moldings

Use the dark wooden panels to make the house look Victorian Gothic. Getting the moldings is a very simple task and you can ask your designer to do it for you. It will change the looks of your house and will make it more beautiful.

The Moldings

10. The Boss Structure To Use

The boss structure is like a stone or wooden structure that can be used in the house to make it look beautiful and more Gothic. The carvings of animals are something that people has been using since ages. It looks beautiful and gothic as well.

 The Boss Structure To Use

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