10 Tiny And Cozy Dining Areas For Every Home

Dining Areas For Every Home

Space is a huge issue in many houses. Proper space for drawing room, dining room and study area are difficult to find out. We can’t ignore the fact that we love to eat in front of the TV set or doing some work on the laptop. A family lunch or dinner options are reducing due to scattered schedule of the family members. Hence, many owners are avoiding the huge dining area at their place. They are trying to establish a small arrangement for dining area. It is a habit breaking decision but many of us prefer small and cozy dining area at home. We have a few ideas of cozy and small dining area that can take a lesser part of the room. Go through the article.

10 Tiny And Cozy Dining Areas For Every Home

1. Dining Area In The Kitchen

When you have a scarcity of space, it will be wise to utilise the free space of your kitchen. Place a small wooden table for two just beside the wall. It will take a small space and the dining area will be cozy as you want. You can choose the place beside your shelf to use that space. Add two wooden chairs with it. The wooden light colour texture will look bright with kitchen.

Dining Area In The Kitchen

2. Wooden Modernise Dining

If you don’t like the idea of kitchen dining then you can set the dining area in the drawing room. Utilise the area beside the wall and window. Normally we prefer these spaces in the room for the heater. But the heater will not interrupt for your tiny arrangement. Place a two seated square wooden table with two wooden and plastic chairs. Hang a pendant from the top.

Wooden Modernise Dining

3. Dining With Designer Wall

Set a dining table beside the door in the drawing room. Paint the wall with colour texture to add a great texture in the room. Place a wooden rectangular table with three chairs. Hang a pendant over the table. The dining area may be cozy and small but it will look amazing with the textured wall.

Dining With Designer Wall

4. Dark Wooden Table With Storage

How about buying a table with storage system? Buy a dark wooden table with side storage. Then store table spices and other bottles in the storage area. Add High chairs with it with cushion. Place the table beside the entrance of the drawing room. Set a nice vase, candle stand a basket of fruits on the table to look elegant.

Dark Wooden Table With Storage

5. Dining Table With Sofa

Set the dining table in front of the sofa. It will be great for the family dinner. Select a half round shape sofa in front of the wall and set a round table with two chairs. You can decorate the wall with a large painting and hang a tub style pendant over the table. Place a rug on the floor to make it warm and cozy. Place some cushions on the sofa too.

Dining Table With Sofa

6. Dining In Front Of The Window

This arrangement has a beautiful outside scene and source of natural light. Set your dining area in the living room in front of the window. A round table and two round shape chairs will be great for a tiny dining area. Hang a big pendant over the table for the night. The entire dining arrangement will look fresh and bright. Put a fruit basket on the table.

Dining In Front Of The Window

7. Dining On The Corner Space

If you have a corner space in the room uses it as a dining. It can be a free space beside your front door. Place a nice small size round shape sofa with a table and chairs. All furniture should be in white colour because the area is dark so if you colour it in white it will look bright. To add some colour place colourful cushions on the sofa.

Dining On The Corner Space

8. Dining Table With Hanging Chairs

Your dining needs a small area to set up a table and at least two chairs. But if your family members are four then you can save the space with wall hanging chairs. The wall hanging chairs will be fixed and it will take tiny space. Set the table according to that wall chairs. You can also hang a shelf near the table.

Dining Table With Hanging Chairs

9. Wall Fixed Dining Table

When you have a small room and don’t have enough space for dining area you can go for this mounted table idea. This idea will give you ample of choices to set your dining area. The idea is a wall hanging table with two chairs. When you are going to have meal set the table from wall otherwise it will be set in the wall.

Wall Fixed Dining Table

10. Dining Between Windows

To have a great experience of meal place the table between two windows. You will have a great view of the outside and you can have the food in natural light. The funny thing is outsiders will not see your table. You can hang a pendant for dinner.

Dining Between Windows

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