10 Terrific DIY Ideas To Decorate A Baby Nursery

To Decorate a Baby Nursery in your own hand is an exciting and beautiful experience. For new family member getting ready is very important and also creating space for both mentally and physically begins a new chapter in your life. As a parent decorating a room for own child and make it adorable is a very exciting experience. Decorating by yourself not only saves your money but also it brings your peace mind of that you are creating something new in your very own near and dear one.

Below Are 10 Terrific DIY Ideas To Decorate A Baby Nursery

1. Making Nice Chandelier

Make a beautiful chandelier of your own. You may make a butterfly with different colored paper cutting or by folding. Paper crane also called Origami can be used. What you need are only wooden ring, colorful marble paper and cotton thread. Making it more attractive low power light in the center gives it more beauty boost. Hang it from the ceiling on the baby’s bed.

Making Nice Chandelier

2. Make Boxed Animal Figurines Wall

Purchase different animal figurines from gift shop. It is preferable if these figurines are bright, colorful or glittered. Next step is to make color on pearl board with different acrylic paints. Wait for a few hours for drying. After that, make a square box lid shape with scissor and glue for ready to paste on the wall. Paste animal figurines in centre of it. After pasting this series of wall it feels like Noah’s ark in my craft room.

Make Boxed Animal Figurines Wall

3. Cottage Nursery Thyme Room

Wall setting shelf and wardrobe needs to decorate a little bit to make it adorable. Paint them with soothing colors makes them more attractive. Fabricating with soft toys, thermocol or plastic flower adds some extra beauty.

Cottage Nursery Thyme Room

4. Starry Night Ceiling

All here need is LED lights to be arranged in a proper manner which gives the effect of a starry night. Room also to be furnished and the need to color accordingly to accommodate this effect.

Starry Night Ceiling

5. Whimsical Hilly Woodland

Here first of all walls to be painted properly with the proper colors. Hot air balloons are made out of the painted Chinese paper lantern and fabricated with rope and soft toys. Clouds were made out of pillow stuff and pasted with glue. For lighting Charismas lighting chain with properly oriented above lanterns and ceiling is required. For mural one can use stencil too.

Whimsical Hilly Woodland

6. Alphabet Wall To Make A Graceful Nursery

First collect some old unused different textured clothes and draw a full set of capital English alphabet and paste some of them on thermocol and some on thick board. Paste them accordingly to make a proper Alphabet wall. Furniture to be oriented properly so the wall is not guarded by them and light source is important over here. Awesome, your child’s mini preschool in the room. Few proper soft toys may add some extra spice with this.

Alphabet Wall To Make A Graceful Nursery

7. Toy Story And Painted Cloudy Theme

First wall has to be painted with sky color. After drying make stencil in size of cloud in two different sizes according to choice. Paint white color through them and spacing them according to the size of the room. This is 2 persons work one have to paste stencil in proper distance and another to paint. Toy Story idols can be found in the gift store. Furniture have to be set properly and painted with bright colors with accordance. Light chain here is also DIY over here, just purchase different color bulbs, chains or same color chain with different cellophane sheet pasted into it.

Toy Story And Painted Cloudy Theme

8. Hot Air Balloon Magic Light Room

Hot air balloons are made out of the painted Chinese paper lantern fabricated with threaded color marble triangle shaped paper. Inside LED bulbs with small power are used. These are oriented to different height for giving magical and unconventional effect. Clouds are made of pillow stuffing. Adventure quotes give extra light to this theme. Soft toys were set in baby food tins which were painted with different soothing colors.

Hot Air Balloon Magic Light Room

9. Keys With Wings Harry Potter Theme

Dragonfly wings and butterfly wings are to be prepared with color marble paper and then cut them accordingly. Purchase plastic key set from kid shop or online. Paste the wings accordingly and hang them from the ceiling. Enjoy !!!

Keys With Wings Harry Potter Theme

10. Cloud And Raindrop Craft With Use Of Scrap Fabrics

For balloon and cloud required a hanger medium size wooden cube with four reasonable long wooden stick to be set with drilling and gluing. Hook to be set in center and fasten with embroidery thread with the ceiling. Clouds made of white old velvet or felt with blanket stitch are hanged with embroidery thread. Hot balloons are made with felt of two colors with glue pasting and blanket stitch on them. Raindrops are colored felt with blanket stitch hanging with different length embroidery threads. Wall color should be light and clouds with rain drop may be pasted with ribbon on them.

Cloud And Raindrop Craft With Use Of Scrap Fabrics

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