10 Stylish Furniture Pieces That Double As Storage

Living in a small place is a task and especially when you have so many things to store. The storage indeed becomes a problem. Therefore it becomes really important to have the kind of storage that will double up your storage things and will take less space but will store a lot of things in that particular thing. You must be really smart and wise to make sure that you buy only that kind of furniture for your small living space where you can store things easily and that the furniture doubles up and helps in storing a lot of things. The house no matter should look classy and not stuffy with so many things lying here and there. It is very important to make your house look spacious and you can do that only by not allowing things to occupy your living space. In such a situation having smart and stylish furniture becomes a must.

Mentioned Below Are The 10 Stylish Furniture Pieces That Doubles As Storage

1. Bed With A Bookshelf

If you have always wanted a bookshelf in your house, but the lack of space made it difficult then here is a brilliant idea for you. You can have the bookshelf under your bed, where you can keep them and also read them whenever you want. The bedroom is a private space and making proper use of this space is a must.

Bed With A Bookshelf

2. Wooden Barrel Coffee Table

This is one stylish piece of furniture and you can use it in your house as your coffee table. The Barrel can be used as a storage unit as well, where you can keep a lot of things inside. It is big and it has a lot of space as well. It is a perfect way to save the space and make proper use of the furniture.

Wooden Barrel Coffee Table

3. Classic Shoe Storage

Having a shoe storage in the house is a basic thing and if you have less space in the house then having a proper storage becomes all the more difficult. You can make this shoe rack easily by making it look a sleek cabinet and store the shoes in them. it will save a lot of space and will make your house look neat.


4. Sofa With The Storage

Having a sofa with storage is a great idea to double the space. It looks really stylish and fits the small space thing perfectly. You can have cup holders on the sides of the sofa itself and save the space for getting a side table. It is great option for all those with small living space. You can also have the space to underneath the sofa to store things.

 Sofa With The Storage

5. The Mini Bar Table

If you love to have a bar in your place, but the small space doesn’t allow you to have a proper bar setup then this is a great idea for you. This table is perfect for the living room or for your bar area, where you can keep all your trays and also have a decent ice thing to store the bottles.

 Mini Bar Table

6. Outdoor Seating Bench With A Storage

There is always a space on the outside of your house, where your visitors relax and sit comfortably. Rather than just making it a simple bench, utilize it to store certain things that you need ones in a while, but you don’t want to waste the inside space. It is a perfect idea to double the space.

Outdoor Seating Bench With A Storage

7. Mirror Cabinet

Having a dressing room is important, but if your space doesn’t permit it then you can smartly design the place and create a cabinet inside the mirror where you can store your neck pieces or the perfumes or anything and save the space in your closet. It is a great idea and it looks really cool as well.


8. Coffee Tables With Sitting Chairs

This is a perfect design for the storage ideas and it is also easily available in the market. You can use this table as a coffee table and also as a low-seated dining table. It looks really cool and stylish.


9. Coffee Cum Console Table

This is a great idea to create a coffee table and you can this both as a coffee table and as the console table behind your sofa. This is a perfect design for the small living space. You can also adjust the height of this table and make it perfect as you need.

Coffee Cum Console Table

10. Built In Cabinets

This is one of the best ideas to double up the storage space. You can build cabinets on the wall or wherever you find some empty space without making it look clustered. It is also a perfect way to create a bookshelf without using much space.

 Built In Cabinets

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