10 Stylish And Timeless Tropical Leaf Decor Ideas

Missing the blue sky, the tropical breeze, the wide blue ocean, and the sandy beach! We can’t be in Hawaii 24×7 but we can surely create a living space that sparks up the imagination of living by the sea. Well home decor has certainly evolved from just traditional Victorian design inspirations to tropical decor themes. The rich vibrancy of the tropics can be incorporated in the home decor through leaf patterns. We have come up with some creative and voguish ideas on decorating your house summer vacation-like.
Timeless Tropical Leaf Decor themes

1. Banana Wallpaper:

Taking inspirations from banana plantations one can cover up an entire room, bathroom, or hallway with banana leaf wallpaper. The uniqueness brings feels of stepping into a tropical paradise. The green stands out like thick jungle foliage and keeps in touch with the island spirited theme.

Banana Wallpaper

2. Palm Printed Pillows:

The swaying palms on pillows and cushions are so gratifying. They set a very laid-back and casual ambience whether they are decoratively placed on the couch, bed, hammock, or layered on a window seat. These throw pillows instantly transport the room into a beach bonfire atmosphere.

Palm Printed Pillows

3. Brighten Up The Accent Wall:

If u need to specifically change the look of your accent wall in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen then bringing in the tropical vibes is refreshing. Decorate the feature wall with the leaf pattern to make the room look larger and the ceiling higher. These bold Eden prints will instantly liven up your statement wall and make it look fun yet elegant.

4. Abstract Leaf Art:

Want that strange abstract feeling, a still longing to be in the green jungles, but do not want to experiment with too much of patterns and decor then a simple tropical leaf art will suffice. It will make a bare room stand out with it’s rich color contrast. Framing the art in gold will make them look like being displayed in a stunning gallery exhibition.

Abstract Leaf Art

5. Headboard:

Take sleeping in the jungle to a whole to level by installing tropical decal headboard. The vacation vibe can be carried over to layering the bed with tropical pillows, cover, and sheets. Mixing a little earthy browns will remind you of the sand and the beach.


6. Curtains:

The charming clusters of green go well with velvet, polished metals, leather fabrics, and bold neutrals. One can bring in this style of 50’s decor into the living room with leaf printed curtains. These go well with large French windows and emerald furniture rendering a very sophisticated look.


7. Patio:

A patio themed on tropical lifestyle is refreshing with wicker furniture and bold leafy prints. Incorporate this style near a garden lounge or the swimming pool and instantly feel the relaxed vibes. Greens always lift up the spirits, fern and palm foliage on cushions and sheets look ideal for the outdoor party scene.


8. Furniture:

Ottomans and chairs covered in the jungle print enhance, the kitsch beachy trend. Designing a large furniture in this accented fabric makes a bold statement for the room.

9. Rug:

Rugs are the center attraction of any given room, they are an essential decor material that enhance the style of the space. Patterned leaf rugs on the indoors and outdoors compensate for the dense foliage of the tropics and make the space inviting.


10. Kitchen Pattern:

Give the modern kitchen a sophisticated vibe with the leaf patterns. The feel good factor from the decor will carry over to the delicacies prepared in the kitchen and make you want to live a healthy lifestyle.


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