10 Stylish And Designed Flower Pots For The Open Space At Home


Give your garden or front and back yards a creative and exceptional appearance by introducing various types of creative flower stands that are less expensive and at the same time requires a very less maintenance, the creativity applied on the flower stands executes a very exceptional, charming and fresh atmosphere giving an increase of warmth within the colorful flowers in the garden or open space. The various objects used to create a difference are as follows.

1. Flowers On Tree Stumps:

Old tree stumps within your open area that looks dull in the beautiful atmosphere filled with flowers, plants and tree of various types, the tree stumps can be made presentable by filling the top with soil as well as  growing small plants and flowers on it, the whole is a natural form of grown flowers and plants gives the garden a total natural beauty.

Flowers On Tree Stumps

2. Wooden Trays:

Decor your backyard, if you have enough backyard space then give a center piece of attraction through floral plants that will bring a great round of appreciation for the backyard garden. The multi layered wooden trays those are filled with colorful flower plants or decorative grasses if you want to plant, the multi layer initiates a difference and brings in the variation on the views of the plants due to the level change.

Wooden Trays

3. Colourful Umbrella In The Garden:

Cement material made umbrella painted in different colors within the segments, many other things can be made apart from umbrella such as an urn, an empty small truck or scooter, whatever you want to have as a creative part within your garden among the colorful flower plants, the umbrella as a base with outstanding leaves and flowers gives it a tremendous creativity with simplicity.

Colourful Umbrella In The Garden

4. Cart With Flower Bed:

Imagine the colorful bed of flowers, it can be placed at the backyard garden or the front yard garden, the flowers will mesmerize the area with the charming fragrance and the colors, the cart has been placed from where the flowers rolled down the ground giving a freshness and new gesture of innovative idea using a simple cart or carrier instead of anything much more expensive, which is simply adding an attraction to the garden space.

Cart With Flower Bed

5. Shoe Flower Pots:

The funky and stylish for your garden are the shoes made flower pots, any types of shoes whether it can be high heels, boots, ballets, palms, simple men’s formal shoes whatever can be the choice, used as a designed flower pot with green plants in it and the different or similar shoes like can be placed in a row within your garden that will make your garden extra ordinary with style and funkiness.

 Shoe Flower Pots

6. Rough Casted Pots:

Big pots with rough finishing of the casted cement made pots that are heavy and do not break easily, accordingly can handle all sorts of seasons pressure, whether summer, monsoon or winter, in every case it can resist with easy maintenance can be placed within the garden area specially where you have a pond or any sort of water body, the beautiful planted flowers can be retained in the pots.

Rough Casted Pots

7. Old Car Tyres:

You can give your garden an extra ordinary appearance by planting your plants in the car tyres, the tyres those are painted into various stunning bright colors, placed in a row, colorful tyre pots with green plants within it exhibits a bright gesture to the garden because of the painted colorful bright tyres, it has less maintenance, less expense on the recycle of the tyres with new and fresh look to the garden.

Old Car Tyres


8. Small White Carrier:

Beautify your front open space with the white colored carriers, the color of the carriers can be of different types, but white expresses the beauty of the space, though it requires high maintenance due to color, regular cleaning and painting twice a year is highly required which may not be applicable to other bright colors, and placing the charming flower pots on the carriers where the flowers increases the elegance of the space with a vintage appearance of the carrier in the garden.

Small White Carrier

9. Chairs With Flower Bed:

Utilize your trendy old chairs with destroyed seats, remove the foams from the chair and place the bed of flower plants with a willow basket in the chair, totally a different and eye catchy look it exhibits in the open space of your front or back yards.

Chairs With Flower Bed

10.  Torn Umbrella:

Sometimes old umbrellas with the torn cloths are kept aside as a wasted material, so simply cut the cloth of the top of the umbrella invert it and place it in the garden with the beautiful and colorful plants fixed on the wires of the umbrella along with the ground soil, the roots of the plants will keep the soil and umbrella stable.

 Torn Umbrella


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