10 Smart Ideas To Beautify Your Garden On A Budget

When it comes to beautifying your garden, you have many options. But usually most landscape projects costs thousands of dollars, which you may not have. However, for homeowners on a budget, there are many simple, do-it-yourself projects that will improve the look of your garden without paying hefty price to landscape architecture or spending a good amount of money. There are many creative ideas for cheap landscaping which you can do on your own which will decorate your garden without a high price tag.

Here Are 10 Smart Ideas To Beautify Your Garden On A Budget

1. Add A Small Fountain

Your garden is a place to sit and relax. For a dramatic touch, consider adding a fountain. While larger models are quite expensive, these days smaller, less expensive fountain kits are available in many garden supply stores. You can easily install it on your own as all necessary supplies and instruction manual are provided which will guide you while installing it. Place it in the center of your garden surrounded with flowers to create an attractive focal point. The sound of running water will attract birds and create a very relaxing atmosphere.

Add A Small Fountain

2. Create A Small Rock Garden

Creating a rock garden is quite economical. Choose a specific spot, preferably shaded area, in your garden to create a rock garden. Cover the designated area with several bags of gravels, which are easily available at a minimal cost in local garden supply shops. Gravels are durable, low maintenance and inexpensive. Also gather some large rocks looking around to create a path across the gravel. If your budget allows, set a bench on the side. Gravel can especially be used in the area where plants don’t thrive or where there is lot of foot traffic. Using gravel will provide your garden an architectural and modern look.

Create A Small Rock Garden

3. Use Ornamental Grasses To Beautify

To provide your garden a colorful look and add texture, plant combination of ornamental grasses. They are very low maintenance option to give your garden well designed and expensive look. The grasses worth adding include fountain grass, Blue Oatgrass, colorful Flax, Zoysia, little Blue stern and Feather reed grass. Plant them in clusters.

Use Ornamental Grasses To Beautify

4. Plant Perennials

Perennials are plants that don’t need lot of water to survive. They are low maintenance and return every year and thrive in full sunshine while annuals survive for one season only. For a low cost beautification of your garden, fill your garden with perennial flowers. One of the best choices is creeping sedum which is light green perennial and contains yellow flowers that spread on their own. To create a fragrant path, planting herbs like lemon and thyme is another good and cheaper option. Few modern perennials include: a purple ball-shaped flower called allium, kangaroo paw, veronica and coneflower etc. You can choose one color flower design or combination of colorful perennials according to your personal choice. Buying perennial is a one-time expense that will give your garden a great visual look year after year.

Plant Perennials

5. Low-Cost Fencing

Fencing the garden is an important part of your garden project. Usually cost of privacy fencings is quite high; but there many do-it-yourself ones you can try, to create a border and get privacy from neighbors and passerby. You can use shrubs to create a nice border around the garden. Shrubs that are effective include bayberry, purple anise and American holly. If you have walls around the garden, consider planting flowering vines, blooming perennials like day lilies, ornamental roses or spray roses to provide heights, texture, color and density.

Low-Cost Fencing

6. Add Planters

No need to buy planters from gardening store for planting flowers and vegetables. You probably have many things in your home which you can use as planters like barrels, wine crates, old pallets or old tires. You can paint them in bold colors to contrast with flowers. Fill them with inexpensive flowers like marigold, geraniums which will provide your otherwise dull yard with colors.

Add Planters

7. Grow Flowers And Plants From Cuttings

Some plants and flowers can be grown from cutting of other plants. Instead of heading to the nursery to buy plants exchange some cutting with your neighbor or friends who have gardens like you. Some beautiful flowers like butterfly bush or succulents can be grown easily from the clippings.

Grow Flowers And Plants From Cuttings

8. Choose Seed Instead Of Sod

Planting seed, instead of sod, is a good idea when you are in a budget. Planting seeds does require some initial attention and patience until they sprout, but they will help you to save some money.

Choose Seed Instead Of Sod

9. Plant More Native Species

To keep the maintenance cost low, choose more native species in your garden. Native plants need less care to thrive. They also don’t attract pests that exotic species do. Choose plants keeping in mind the soil condition of your garden and how much sunlight your plants can get. Choose plants that thrive best.

Plant More Native Species

10. Spruce Up Your Garden Using Your Creativity

There are hundreds of ways you can make your garden look more appealing using your creativity. You can use material you already have in your home and surrounding like old boxes, utensils, wood scraps, old copper etc. Get creative and add some glamour to your garden.

Spruce Up Your Garden Using Your Creativity

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