10 Smart And Special Looks For Conservatory Flooring

Conservatory means a house or building which have glass walls and ceiling. Typically this kind of structure is used for greenhouse or sun room. Conservatory is normally used to grow plants. It is attached to your main building or house in the backyard. As it is made of glass, you can predetermine the look but the flooring is also as important as other structure. We can see many people coming in and going out from greenhouse so one should put emphasis on the flooring style so that it would be easy to treat. There is lots of flooring material available for your conservatory.

Here Are 10 Smart And Special Looks For Conservatory Flooring

1. Pure Wood Flooring

You can use wood as a flooring material for your conservatory. Earlier this material is not much in demand because of its impact on inside temperature, ease to clean and installation problem. But now due to feasible solution for it, you can give your greenhouse a natural attractive wooden floor. This material has been treated chemically and few more layers have added in top of the wooden structure so that it increases the strength of the material. Temperature is also not going to affect highly on processed wood as it is bonded with heat absorb chemicals. So this can be your first choice now if you like to have attractive appearance.

Pure Wood Flooring

2. Laminate Flooring

Lamination on floor means to add more layers on your flooring. You can add layer of any design and pattern you like. This layer is processed nicely so that you don’t have to worry about its quality. This is again an inexpensive way to decorate your conservatory with modest style. One more advantage of lamination is that it’s quite easy to install and remove. So if you would like to expand your greenhouse, you don’t have to think more about flooring.

Laminate Flooring

3. Natural Stone Flooring

Tiles can be available in many form, designs and patterns. You can choose any as per your preference. It is available in either natural stone or in a process material called ceramics. In natural stone, you can pick granite, sandstone / limestone, slate or marble style. You will find this substance in natural form with no chemically added layer on it so one can expect natural look without other influence.

Natural Stone Flooring

4. Ceramic Tiles Flooring

It is also a best option to floor your conservatory. Drawback of having such tiles is that it gets cracks over span of time. It also gets faded while using at high frequency. For these reason, it don’t lasts too long. It is chemically treated so you can expect its reaction on high temperature. The different forms of ceramic tiles are terracotta, quarry, porcelain and glazed ceramics.

Ceramic Tiles Flooring

5. Cork Flooring

Cork is a material which is harvested from tree when it grows. One can expect its toughness better than others. It is considered as a warm material which gives pleasing walking experience in the flooring. It is highly appreciated by lots of family members because of its heat absorb quality. If your child plays in greenhouse, don’t worry about it if you have Cork flooring.

Cork Flooring

6. Vinyl Flooring

It is a very easy to install, low maintenance and flexible material. The only drawback is that it can be harm or affects by direct sunlight. If you want this badly, you can do Vinyl flooring in south direction so that you can use sunlight effectively without much influence on flooring.

Vinyl Flooring

7. Carpet Flooring

Carpets can be available in almost all designs and pattern. It can be flexible choice to its users. If you have heavy in and out traffic through your conservatory, you have to clean your carpet repeatedly and this is one of the major disadvantages of carpet flooring. It is also an expensive material than other flooring options but if you can afford it, you can give your greenhouse an enormous touch.

Carpet Flooring

8. Sawdust Flooring

This is one of the least used flooring materials as it has more cons than its pros. If you are unable to locate all the above material, you can use sawdust as your flooring. It’s quite easy to use as you just need to spread it to the floor. It doesn’t provide any strength to the floor as it is fade away by water or wind. This is used mainly in developing countries.

Sawdust Flooring

9. Wooden Chips Flooring

You can also use wooden chips as your conservatory flooring option. This can be in a bigger form than sawdust but it only provides extra layer to your flooring part. It is easily available from any furniture making shops. You have to just spread it on the floor. Most of people avoid it because of its edges which can harm small children. This material is also used by Asian countries.

Wooden Chips Flooring

10. Cow Dung Flooring

In India, I have seen many small conservatories with cow dung flooring. They would like to remain plants in natural substances and so cow dung is used. Workers first collect the require cow dung and then carpet it perfectly on the floor of greenhouse before it gets dry.

Cow Dung Flooring

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