10 Sink Ideas For The Bathroom

Bathroom Sink

The sink is an important area of the bathroom in which we wash hands and brush the teeth. In the earlier times, the usual sinks with a plain design were used in most homes. However, nowadays sinks of different designs and materials are used by people. It gives a stylish and attractive look to the bathroom decor. Even the faucet and tap hardware designs have undergone changes and most homeowners like to use the designer taps and sinks. Choose the best sink that you like in your bathroom. We will give some tips for bathroom sinks.

Following Are The 10 Sink Ideas For The Bathroom.

1. Use Cast-Concrete Sink

Cast-Concrete Sink

Use cast-concrete sink in the bathroom instead of the usual sink materials for a different look. Along with this, use the bathroom counters also made of concrete material. Choose floating sink for this design.

2. Use Colored Sink

Coloured Sink

Add color to a kid’s bathroom by using colored sink. For this, use a sink with bright colored paint like green or yellow at the bottom part. A sink with color at the top part can also be used. Use a trough sink. Cover the wall with white tiles.

3. Use Traver-Tine Sinks With Copper Faucets

Traver-Tine Sinks With Copper Faucets

Make a spa-inspired bathroom by using two Traver-Tine sinks. For storage, make a cabinet below the sink where you can keep the bathroom items. With this, you should use copper faucets on the sink. Let there be several drawers in the cabinet in the vanity kept in the bathroom.

4. Use Small Sized Console Sink

Small Sized Console Sink

If you have a small bathroom with less space, use a small sized console sink. The sink looks very compact so it is ideal for small spaces. Use a storage space below the sink. Besides this, make counter space surrounding the sink area.

5. Use Marble Sink And Wooden Bathtub

Marble Sink And Wooden Bathtub

Use an Azul Cascais marble sink in the bathroom for a nineteenth-century French look. For this, choose a rectangular shaped vessel sink. Besides this, use a wooden bathtub in the bathroom. Use oak wood cupboard for storage purpose. Hang a painting or any artwork on the wall.

6. Use Double Sinks With Under Sink Storage

Double Sinks with Understorage

Use double sink in the bathroom instead of having just one sink. For this, use floating sink unit that has rectangular shaped two vessel sinks. Use under sink storage by making a cabinet below the sink. The cabinet should be without a frame. Also, place a cupboard near the sink to place bathroom essentials. Use mosaic tiles in the wall.

7. Use Wall Mounted Sink With Slate Tiles On The Wall

Wall Mounted Sink With Slate Tiles

Create a modern style bathroom by using wall mounted sink that is fixed on the wall instead of standing on a base. This type of sink is suitable for family members and guests of all heights. With this, cover the wall on the backside of the sink with big sized slate tiles. Place a huge rectangular mirror above the sink. It will give a sleek and stylish look to the bathroom.

8. Use Copper Sink And Bronze Faucets

Copper Sink And Bronze Faucets

Add color and texture to the bathroom by using stone accent wall. Use a copper sink. Along with this, you should choose a bronze faucet. This will look unique instead of having a plain white bathroom. Use customized cabinet below the sink for storage purposes. Use a hammered sink for this bathroom.

9. Use Undermount Sink For A Farmhouse Look

Undermount Sink

Get a farmhouse type of look in the bathroom by using under mount sink. Besides this, use an oak wood table to make a vanity and get the sink fixed in it. Use a hanging lamp at the side of the sink. Place a big sized mirror above the sink on the wall.

10. Use Sink Skirt Made Of Colored Fabric

Sink Skirt

If you cannot change the bathroom sink and still want to improve its looks consider using a sink skirt made or bright and colored fabric. Dress up an old sink with a wraparound skirt that touches the bottom at the floor. Change the sink skirt at frequent intervals.

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