10 Recycled Pallet Wall Art Ideas For Enhancing Your Interior

Your home is the mirror of your taste. May be you have put your best ideas to decorate the house. But you can make your home more attractive with your further imagination. Design your vacant walls with pallet wall arts. It will provide an extraordinary look to your room. Watch your vacant walls as a giant canvas and you can use pallet as a mode of art. You can use quotes, designs, images to enhance the look of the wall.

Here, We Are Providing Some Awesome Pallet Wall Art Ideas That Can Improve Your Interior Look

1. Wall Tree

The drawing room is the showcase of your entire home. It is the most important room because you spend most of the time here with guests or family members or alone. Therefore, you need to decorate it gorgeously. You can take the idea of pallet wall art. Well, there must be some spare wooden pieces in your store room or in the garden? Collect those pieces and attach them on the wall as a tree. You can follow your imagination to design. Decorate the tree with cupcake moulds like flowers.

Wall Tree

2. Pallet Wall Garden

Gardening always makes your room lively. If you have the options then don’t waste the opportunity. Decorate your entire blank wall with pallet art. Arrange small pieces of pallet in various sizes and colour on the wall and fix it. Then hang mason jars, glass planters in different shapes. But try to maintain the same colour, like, all white, or colourful or transparent.

Pallet Wall Garden

3. Arrows

Do you have a vacant space on the wall which needs to improve? Well, there are a thousand ideas that you can use. But we want to recommend you to try pallet wall art. It is a simple design which can change the look of your wall. Collect some same size pallets and make the arrow design on the wall. You can make it long, but we will suggest adding three layers. Leave it as they are naturally. The odd design and natural wood texture will add a special value on the wall.


4. Abstract Painting

Painting gives a new look and dimension to the room. It is great if it is a DIY project. You can put your own design and imagination on the wall. Therefore, Use your blank space on the wall and fix pallet. Not colour it as you like. Do some painting and change the look of the room. We can suggest you to use bright colours to make it catchy.

Abstract Painting

5. Pallet Text

It is easy to make it by yourself. Why don’t you make a pallet wall art with the beautiful word ‘LOVE’? Well, you can use giant letters on the pallet. Hang this pallet on the wall. You can use light colours or some bright one according to your room colour. In fact, you can also write some quotation on the pallet. It can be suitable for bedroom, near the dinner table, kitchen, drawing room, study room. Try it.

Pallet Text

6. Pallet Candle Hanging

This idea of lightning is really gorgeous. You can create this pallet candle hanging in dining room, drawing room and in the veranda. Attach a single pallet on the wall and fix a hook. Now hang a mason jar on that hook. Put a candle inside the jar. Arrange at least two to three mason jars in a line.

Pallet Candle Hanging

7. Pallet Lips

Give a romantic touch to your bedroom with pallet wall art. Well, make a beautiful kissing sign with a pallet on the wall of your bedroom. Colour the lips with attractive red. This wall art definitely increases the look of the bedroom.

Pallet Lips

8. Shark Hanger

Use pallet to make a shark shape in the bathroom. Attach some hooks to hang your clothes. You can also keep it without hooks like a design. This awesome design will enhance your bathroom décor.

Shark Hanger

9. Pallet Text Shelf

You must have broken wooden furniture on your basement or storeroom. Cut those woods in small pieces and clear those. Now fix those pallets on the wall to make a wall hanging shelf. You can give a shape of text, like, ‘Love’ or ‘Friends’ or some name. Place showpieces and photo frames on the pallet text shelf.

Pallet Text Shelf

10. Photo Frames

If you are interested in carpentry or making your own home made decoration then you will love to do this artistic creation. You can make attractive photo frames with small pieces of woods. The essentials will be carpentry toolkit, wooden pieces and imagination. You can colour them with your favourite colours or else you can keep it as it is.

Photo Frames

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