10 Perfect Shower Heads For Your Master Bathroom

Had a bad day at the office, got stuck in a long traffic jam or just lost it, Take a nice shower. The sprinkling feelings of water will help you to come out of stress immediately. Bathroom showers are very relaxing. Hence, you need to pick the correct one from the herd. The shower heads are available in all size and shape and in different price. There are plenty of new designs in the market that you can try according to your bathroom decor and size. Some shower heads really need a large space. We have also gathered some best shower head designs for the master bathrooms. Read on.

Here Are 10 Perfect Shower Heads For Your Master Bathroom

1. Wall Mounted Waterfall Effect Shower Head

If your master bathroom is really spacious and you love the waterfall effect then this shower head is made for you. The shower head offers consistent performance and superfluity design. The design, spacious area of spray and wall mounted technology is ideal for the master bathroom. The shower head has silicon spray nozzles that ensure great performance. You can choose matt or polished stainless steel finishing according to your other accessories in the bathroom.

Wall Mounted Waterfall Effect Shower Head

2. Concealed 8 Inch Shower Head

This is the best designer shower head which is 8 inches and perfect for contemporary stylish spacious bathrooms. It is made of brass and sturdy for everyday use. The simple yet lean structure looks gorgeous in the modern bathroom décor and definitely elevates the panache. Many fashionable people love this idea and like to implement this shower head at their bathroom. It is really in demand.

Concealed 8 Inch Shower Head

3. Contemporary Shower Head

The design is unique and obviously it will rule your mind with steady performance. The contemporary shower head is attached with a ceiling arm and maintain the perfect water pressure. This shower head will definitely upgrade your bathroom decor. It is easy to install and clean. This contemporary shower head is good for the daily use.

Contemporary Shower Head

4. Hand Held Shower Head

The hand held shower head is made of chrome which is quite shiny. It is much casual and has a tiny round diameter. This shower head is comfortable to use because you can adjust the height. It looks like a common shower head but it will impress you with its performance. With the height adjustable facility you can wash your hair comfortably.

Hand Held Shower Head

5. Dual Shower Heads

This shower heads can offer you a wonderful experience of bath. It seems that this shower head is designed for two people, but you will not complain if you take a bath alone. You can also fix a shower plate has extra four panels which are similar to the shower heads. Only dark tiles bathroom with a glass shower area can complement this shower head. The dual shower heads is for comfort and style.

Dual Shower Heads

6. Tubular Shower Head

No doubt that the tubular shower head is exclusive and one of the most stylish shower head. It is wall- mounted and the design is like a pipe. The water flow is gentle and gives you a wonderful experience. It has laser cut spray holes which are made with high technology. It is just a unique design that you can find in shower heads.

Tubular Shower Head

7. Multiple Water Outlets

You may love the experience of multiple showers but don’t want to hold it. Well, then you can fix the multiple showers in the bathroom. You can fix a wide rainfall shower head at the top and then attach other shower heads like dual shower heads, small side shower heads. Make multiple operators as well so that you can go with your mood and convenience.

Multiple Water Outlets

8. Dual Detouchable Shower Heads

You can select these shower heads because these are comfortable and make the master bathroom fabulous. Fix these two shower heads in the opposite sides when you will take a bath you will experience the water flow from both sides. If you want then you can remove the shower heads and use it as the handle heads.

Dual Detouchable Shower Heads

9. Aqua-Sense Cascade Shower Head

It is not like the usual shower heads. It is quite different. This remarkable lustrous tiny shower spray is the proof of the modern concept of shower heads. No doubt that it enriches the appeal of the bathroom. If you are really fascinated the bathroom décor and accessories then grab the idea.

Aqua-Sense Cascade Shower Head

10. Rain Shower Head

The rain shower head provides you a comfortable water flow. It never wasted water and durable for daily use. This shower head is made of solid brass with the round shape. The spray of the shower head is prominent. It increases the grace of the bathroom. You can fix it if your bathroom is not well decorated.

Rain Shower Head

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