10 Painting Tips To Make Your Small Bathroom Seem Larger

The bathroom is one of the cosy corners of your house. Bathrooms are not only meant for taking a quick shower during “Will miss the bus” hurry, these are also your relaxing and “freshen up” shower area. In today’s world, with the recent real estate market boom builders are inclined towards saving real estate space to make more money. This trend has mostly affected the bathrooms. With the apartment building culture bathrooms are getting smaller day by day. Some bathrooms are built to be so small that you could feel claustrophobic while using it.

Here Are 10 Painting Tips To Make Your Small Bathroom Seem Larger

1. Light Colors On The Walls And Floors

Using light colours on the walls and floors could help to make the bathrooms look larger. Light colours reflect a lot of Light and the area looks spacious. In addition, light colours cater to keep natural light in the area and takes away the stuffy feelings from the smaller area. You can pick cream, light shades of green and blue for your bathroom.

Light Colors On The Walls And Floors

2. Keep One Color For Everything

You need to keep everything of the same colour or in shades of the same colour as much as you can. Contrast colours of light and dark makes the space look smaller. You need to pick everything in your bathroom starting from the fittings to walls and floors of same colour. You can try some contrast with the distinct objects like water taps, shower heads or lights.

Keep One Color For Everything

3. Tile Up To The Ceiling

Cover the walls with tiles up to the ceiling and choose your ceiling colour from a slightly deeper shade than the tiles in the walls. This way your bathroom will look to have more height than usual. You need to choose simple and light coloured tiles for this.

Tile Up To The Ceiling

4. Paint In Stripes

You can paint your bathroom walls in stripes to make it look larger. Painting in vertical stripes will make it look taller. This hack will be very helpful if you have a shorter ceiling. Painting in horizontal stripes will make it look wider. If you have a bathroom with a lesser width, this trick is definitely going to make up for that.

Paint In Stripes

5. Use Artistic Wallpapers

You can use wallpapers to make it look more elegant and spacious. Use a large painting as wallpaper on the largest free wall in your bathroom. This will give the wall a depth and will add some extra visual comfort.

Use Artistic Wallpapers

6. Use A Perfect Blend

Blend your wall color perfectly with the tile colour. This is one of the most neglected areas which is often compromised in demand of contrast. Contrast colours actually visually kill the space in the bathroom as opposed to blended and also draws a separator between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. Nice blends make the walls look like an extension of the tiles and makes the bathroom look spacious.

Use A Perfect Blend

7. Design Paints

Paint your ceiling with an artificial design so that it looks taller. You have to choose shades for the paint very carefully so that it blends perfectly with wall. Contrast colours on the ceiling makes the ceiling look shorter . Using a perfectly blended ceiling paint and wall paint will give your bathroom a classy look.

Design Paints

8. Use Of Mirrors

Use your mirrors on the bathroom walls to reflect and make it look more spacious. Use a large mirror to cover the largest open wall in the bathroom. This will create a reflection of the bathroom and will create the visual effect of showing the bathroom a large.

Use Of Mirrors

9. Fixture Colors

Use same colours on the fixtures like doors, windows of your bathroom as it is on the walls. However try to to keep the fixtures in light colours.

Fixture Colors

10. Use Mixed Accents

As opposed to the earlier tips, you can mix and match your bathroom with colours to make it look really large. You need to bring in colours, a lot of colours, in your bathroom. Use one dark colour on the largest open wall. Then use lighter shades on the other walls for a nice contrast. Use same colours for your fixtures but in contrast with the wall colours. Use one bright colour large rug on the floor, instead of a lot smaller ones. Choose your tiles to have glossy colours. Use clear glasses in shower rooms so that the colours are not obstructed anyhow. This trick will help to look more colourful and vibrant and will fool your eyes with the items with distinctive colours. Hence it will make your bathroom visually larger than its actual size.

Use Mixed Accents

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