10 Neutral Living Room Ideas

They say, home is where the heart is. The best place to find peace and solace, and when it comes to gather everyone from the house, living room becomes the old and trusted venue. There is a catch though; striking a balance between the choices of both parties i.e. male and female members can surely be a tough ask. The opposite sides want the best of their worlds. While the males want the living room to double up as office space, females on the other hand want it to be the place that exhibits their hard worked handicrafts and bargained curtains. The challenge is tough with no end to it. So let’s make the playing field even with the following 10 neutral living room ideas to square the issue. Hey! At times it has to be fun for us too!

Here Are 10 Neutral Living Room Ideas

1. Layered Living Room

This one has all it takes to make a neutral living room. There are bright colored pattern pillows that compliment the wall’s hues, vintage wallpapers aplenty, table top accents, ginger lamps and some real cute feminine feel. What do boys have for fun? Chippendale chairs old books, Spindle chair, and a living room lamp. This one balances things with elan.

Layered Living Room

2. Living Room With Chesterfield Sofas

Looks and feels every letter of the word comfortable, the living room gets swanky and glamorized like never before. Without following any single theme, the idea borrows the now dated oil paintings, drift wood coffee table for much neutrality in the set-up.

Living Room With Chesterfield Sofas

3. Mixed Living Room Neutrals

The idea brings out neutral design of a slip covered sofa to mix with neutral industrial coffee table in a way that they do not suppress the hay colored rug. Take a look at the curtains and the hues for walls that keep the overall décor most neutral.

Mixed Living Room Neutrals

4. Handmade Décor Living Room

Let your creativity grace your living room to get a perfect neutral living room. There is a lot to do that can be altered from time to such as the garage-sale sheet music can be turned into wallpapers and cast-off suitcases for storage.

Handmade Décor Living Room

5. Rustic Appeal Living Room

The rustic look is a hit even for neutral living rooms. Rustic does not mean overkill of elements. More importantly, one sees no reason why you should not have rustic tables paired with contemporary chairs. Same goes for rugs over laminated wooden floors.

Rustic Appeal Living Room

6. Black And White Living Room

Nope, they will not be black and white in emotional feel; the neutral living room only uses these two colors for sleek and chic look. You would love the black and white pattern of cushions placed on a lavish sofa. He will love the elegance, she will love the indulgence! Another idea is the use of black and white tiles that are fit on the floor in chessboard pattern; it is old but still neutral.

Black And White Living Room

7. Eastern World Living Room

The best way to bring neutrality is not by choosing living room ideas of the part of world you belong to. Eastern part of the world has lots of ethnic furniture ideas, wallpapers and interesting hues. Look for their terracotta themed furniture and decorations that are becoming rare piece of art. Say neutrality and they can pull rabbit out of the hat!

Eastern World Living Room

8. Eclectic Living Room

The traditional choices still have a few inclinations. It is best that you opt for colorful stuff across all decorative items for getting neutral living room as instant attention is garnered by vibrantly colored wood furniture and wallpapers. Don’t leave the couches and sofas in lavish designs and hues.

Eclectic Living Room

9. Blue Hues

Will it ever fade away? The answer is no. Why? Because blue has a calming effect and proven neutrality quotient that works best for living rooms. Practically every blue hue is great for sofas and wall paints. Wooden furniture that is matte finished can absorb blue easily. Even for DIY projects, you can choose blue for painting the fireplace and walls.

Blue Hues

10. Exposed Redbrick Living Room

There’s lot to explore in the redbrick living room as far as neutrality is concerned. The very fact that there is no use of hues and polished coat makes the walls very much adaptive to any wallpaper. You can create and mix patterns, textures. Curtains, no curtains, the neutrality stays. In fact the cozy atmosphere is never mixed amidst the exposed walls. If you are still hell bent on leather upholstery, there is no way your living room’s neutrality is compromised.

Exposed Redbrick Living Room

The above mentioned ideas are surely going to provide new look to your interior. The neutral look intense and classy. So, try it on!

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