10 Most Functional And Decorative Room Dividers Or Partition Walls

A room divider or partition wall can be a big change to a room. It plays an important role in interior designing. A room divider is a screen or piece of furniture that divides a room into separate areas. These days the common style is to have big living rooms and open kitchens. It is in these areas that a room divider or partition wall can be put. Today room dividers are easy to move as they are temporary and people can change when they get bored or a new design comes in the market.

Below Are Various Types Of Room Dividers And Wall Partitions That You Can Put In Your Room

1. A Divider Wall

The easy way out if you don’t want to think too much and don’t mind hiring the extra labor, you can just build a wall to separate room areas. You can stylize by building a half wall with a column. This will serve as storage space and you can put decorations on it to make the room look über stylish.

A Divider Wall

2. Bookcase Partition

This can be a wonderful addition to your room. It is classic, simple and looks intellectual. Add a bookcase divider shelf that stores your books and divides the space at the same time. You can use a simple bookcase or there are many stylish varieties available in the market. A staggered bookcase will give a more airy feel to the room while separating areas the same way. Sometimes after putting a divider the room looks much smaller. A staggered bookcase will help avoid that. You can also put other items on the supposed bookshelves. Indoor plants will give a very nice feel to the room and make it look spacious, vibrant and fresh.

Bookcase Partition

3. Artistic Panels

Give your room an artistic touch by adding a decorative metal partition. You can install acrylic panels too and that will give colour to the room. There are also acrylic panels with laser cut designs and you can get them cut according to the theme. If you want a more natural theme for your room get laser cut designs in the form of flowers, leaves or trees. This can be absolutely any theme you like. Also, you can add a textured wall divider, which will bring a different hue to the room.

Artistic Panels

4. Chic Wooden Partitions

Wooden furniture is classic. The older it gets the better it looks. T gives a nice rustic touch to the entire room. Wooden partitions are also a great option for obvious reasons. You can make your own wooden pallet from recycled wood if you don’t mind all the hard work, labour and sweat. The partition serves as a great decorative piece and looks very chic. It gives wall an artistic touch and you can put books, photos and more. If you are going for an all over vintage theme, again wooden partitions are the way to go. If you are living in a lodge or in a beautiful secluded area amidst nature chances are you would have a lot of wooden furniture and a wooden partition would be the perfect fit to your house. You can get a simple wooden divider or a wooden divider with laser cut outs, which looks very stylish.

Chic Wooden Partitions

5. String Rope Dividers

This is a very different design yet brings a simplistic charm to your décor. It is minimalistic, rustic and brings elegance to the room. The best part is that with a little extra effort you might be able to do this your self. This style works great in offices or to separate the formal portions of the house o slightly informal ones. It looks great in both casual and formal settings. Just hang thick ropes from floor to ceiling to bring a minimalistic suave to your room.

String Rope Dividers

6. Sliding And Shutter Door Separators

This is one of he most common types of dividers. You can go for a simple sliding glass door. Glass doors are transparent and make the room look big despite the separation. You can also add shutter doors or sliders of different colours to make the room look more vibrant and chirpy.

Sliding And Shutter Door Separators

7. Curtain Dividers

Take an ordinary cloth hanger or rolling rack and instead of hanging clothes, hang a curtain and put it where you want to put the divider. It is easy to make and doesn’t take much time and efforts. You can also cover a wooden frame with fabric or hang hooks on the ceiling and hang a curtain.

Curtain Dividers

8. Secret Door Divider

This is everyone’s favourite and gives a very ‘Sherlock Holmes’ feeling to the room. Create a secret door with moving bookcases and add a mysterious touch to the room. This is fascinating, fun and brings a definite element of surprise for anyone visiting your home. Imagine giving someone a tour of the house and open the secret doorway and lead them to the other room.

Secret Door Divider

9. Desk Cum Wall Divider

This is a good way to save space, increase storage and serve the purpose of separating room areas. Add a desk to a shelving unit and voila! You have a place to work, keep your books and a decorative piece of furniture.

Desk Cum Wall Divider

10. Screen Divider

Attach two- three door together by the hinges to make a screen- like divider. Or, if you want to go an easier way, there are many nice designs available in screen dividers. Besides you cant go wrong with a screen divider. They are light, portable, rustic and serve the ultimate purpose.

Screen Divider

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