10 Modern Urban Bedroom Decor

Modern Urban Bedroom Decor

Bedroom is the place where we relax after a hectic day and it the place where we rise in the morning to start a new day. The way we décor our bedroom make the place control our mood and either helps us to relax better and start a day afresh or hampers it. So, the décor should such be selected that it makes our mood good and the stay enjoyable. Let us see some design concept that will turn out dull bedroom into a vibrating one by means of colors, textures and fabrics.

Below Are The 10 Modern Urban Bedroom Decor:

1. Using Fur To Have A Funky And Eclectic Design

If you like to fun and funky look for your bedroom then try this decor concept. You have to mix two different materials to decor your bedroom. Add a night stand that is from the yard sale and make the duvet with faux fur or hang a funky sketch over your bed. Keep the color light and the fun will automatically come out. You can also add unique little things like a flower vase or the throw pillows of different designs.

Using Fur To Have A Funky And Eclectic Design

2. Black And White Elegance

You will see that we hesitate to use black in your bedrooms. But if it is used it can add poise and profundity to your room. Add detailing that is in black to your bed and have rugs that are made of white fur. This contrast will bring the beauty and add a combination of texture to your bedroom. You can also add depth by selecting lighting fixtures that are black in color. Use highlights that are also in black to add masculine tone to your bedroom.


3. Lofty Design

You can convert your loft into a bedroom that all will adore. Keep the original stenciling that were in the walls and chose the fabrics in such a manner that they match with the stencils that are on the walls. You can add freshness by usage of flowery designs. Do not try to avoid the look that the room already had but go along with it.


4. Elegance Of Quilt

If you do not love strong color contrast keep the color of the furnishings to natural cream or brown. The quilt bed cover will be the best option with the furniture that is cream or white in color. The usage of a crystalline chandelier can add an elegant touch to your bedroom. Have a golden framed mirror and white side benches to add to the elegance.


5. Usage Of Irregular Shape

Utilizing this design your bedroom may not be symmetrical but it will obviously have elegance and beauty. Use wall papers that have odd shapes and make the head board of your bed also in that same manner and add depth and creativity on to your bedroom. Use ceiling mounted lights to avoid the clutter of hanging chandeliers and place a comfortable chair for a relaxed seating.


6. Usage Of Natural Light

Your bedroom may be having plenty of natural light coming in through the various windows that you have in the walls. Use this natural light to enhance the beauty of your room. Use bed covers and fixtures that are light in color to bring the splendid of natural light. To add contrast use dark colored side benches and mirror frames.


7. Color Your Bedroom Blue

Make your bedroom warm and comfortable by painting the walls blue. Use pure white color for your bed and other furniture that you have in the room. You will fell like sleeping in an ocean with the blue colored walls and the white bed.


8. Natural Bed Design

Use non conventional bed design to draw in the nature into your bedroom. Use unfinished wood to make your bed and add an earthly look to the room. Whitewash the walls and ceiling to make the room modern with a rusty touch. Make generous usage of indoor plants to further enhance the natural feeling of the room.


9. Queen Pink

Pink is the color that we generally avoid while painting our bedroom walls. You can use pink color with the light colored duvet. The golden foot and head board adds to the contrast and elegance of the room. The color of the side table and bed frames makes the eyes fixed to the primary pink color that is used in the walls.


10. Usage Of Yellow

You can use subtle touch of yellow to your bedroom to make it the room that you would love to be in. The natural earth tone bed and the cream walls add to the elegance and beauty of the room.


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