10 Modern Living Room Ideas For The Perfect Look

Modern living rooms are plush, clutter free and definitely the first place wherein you have all your “me moments”. The idea to make living rooms is such that they let you retire and regale yourself after a long day. Therefore, a television becomes the focal point and even the few chairs and sofas are seen facing the screen. Likewise flooring is important and when it comes to the design that is to be chosen, anything is fine as long as it is not patterned. All said and done, it’s time to pick out an idea for modern living room from this list that features ten of them.

Here Are 10 Modern Living Room Ideas For The Perfect Look

1. Living Room With French Furniture

French furniture is known to multiply beauty of even the most mundane looking living room. A very popular choice for living room using French furniture is brocade fabric made traditional chair. Sofa upholstered in soft bed always goes well with the entire look.

Living Room With French Furniture

2. Paisley Armchair

Give your living room the magnificence and sophistication with paisley chair. They can be teamed up with cushion sofa and a coffee table for a picture perfect look. It will not be bad of an idea if some paintings are attached to adorn the wall.

Paisley Armchair

3. American Country Concept Look

Living room with American country concept is for those who like the feel of their roots. The rules are pretty simple to follow and nail the perfect look. First and foremost, bring in vintage furniture with rustic touches especially those which are full of hand carved detailing. Pastels or earth color tones can also follow country concept suit. Apart from pastels, there are also floral motifs that knit the country look in a single string. Rustic is the word to go for but do not blunder by going overboard. Less is more.

American Country Concept Look

4. Minimalist Look

Taking the point of having less and not more forward, you need to analyze every aspect of your living room. Having less furniture or less shades of color in your living room can have a calming effect on visitors. Besides, having less furniture will result in less cleaning of your living room. Also choosing color schemes in white, butter yellow or aqua blue is not exactly mundane by any means. Combining black and white furniture on light colored rooms is a great option to get a perfect look. Lighter colors keep temperature down as well.
Minimalist Look

5. Blue And Green Theme

There are two colors which are charming the modern living rooms to evoke the right mood. First color for your consideration is blue. Why? Because it brings a sense of calm and has elegance too. Living rooms with light blue color makes the place larger. Mediterranean azure, turquoise have positive psychological effects that bring out positive emotional response. On the other hand, green creates energetic atmosphere. Shades of mint, jade and olive fits the bill.
Blue And Green Theme

6. Living Room With Antiques

A living room with a piece of history can be the center of attraction among your visitors’ circle. Although many might feel the budget constraint, some living room designs encourage a couple of antique piece in the living room. That said, having even one rare antique item on the table is worth looking at again.
Living Room With Antiques

7. Define And Divide The Room

For a big living room, sometimes it becomes necessary to visually divide the room. In this process, cedar ceiling rooms are a perfect way to define division in the room. The look can also create some elements of gothic architecture.

Define And Divide The Room

8. Accented Wall

This is the most sought after look for any modern day living room at the moment. The seemingly difficult to capture effect can be done without much ado provided you have a clear vision of what you want. Accent walls can also be clubbed together with old age chandelier to get the mix and match effect. Sofas and leather cushions too play their bit in the looks’ completion.

Accented Wall

9. The Mirror Of Idea

To have a mirror in the living room will certainly earn you appraise. But don’t let the mirror on the wall get sidelined. Add more glass in the form of glass top table, coffee table and even flower vases. A better transparent effect would be incorporating white textiles as much as possible.

The Mirror Of Idea

10. Vertical Design

A practical way of designing your living room; use vertical shaped furniture against the wall to the full. Let’s face it; not all living rooms are large enough. Vertical wisdom gets accentuated by leather upholstered furniture to a great deal.

Vertical Design

The above mentioned innovative designing ideas are surely going to enhance the beauty of your house. So, try them out!

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