10 Main Features Of A Grand Ingress For Your Home

House is one of the priorities of each and every person, that too owning a  house is a dream and asset that every person likes to keep to the best possible ways and extent they can, the house is mostly judged by the whole elevation and the entrance, the entrance can be kept simple or you can give the entrance some sort of element that makes or gives the house a much more affinity to look more beautiful.

So Below The Different Requirement For A Grand Entrance Are Mentioned:

1. Front Yard Garden:

If you have a small or big front space of your house you can plant beautiful plants and flowers of various types this will make your house lucrative from front and at the same time it provides a fresh environment with the flow of air making the space airy, the garden at the front yard with different decorative pots or flower vases makes the front more attractive that is because of the ornamentation on the vases and pots with the different types of colorful flower plants and green plants.

Front Yard Garden

2. Front Open Space:

Your house is one of your best and important thing to you, if your dwelling house has a large open space than you should take the opportunity to make it a token of show along with your house, make a landscape on your front open spaces with possible pathways that are required for the way the plants are to be planted and what kind can be planted that will make the landscaping fruitful or if you can find out a space where different types trees can be planted which will not increase the beauty but at the same time provide an amount of shade and air to the front area or the atmosphere.

Front Open Space

3. Lights:

The ultimate thing that will increase the aesthetic view of your house is the ceiling lights that are important for the night visuals to keep the front area free from darkness and acquire a clearness with the grand outlook. Lights can be used of various types, that can ceiling lights, bracket lights that will lighten the area to a great extent, you can place few light posts or lamps in the front open space or the gardens that will give an excellent aesthetic beauty along with the various decorative  lights throughout the pathways to avoid too much of darkness.


4. Pavement:

You cannot think of your house without a pavement or a pathway, it is compulsory to have a pathway that can be made of various types of designs and pavement tiles. The tiles are of various materials made and you can make your own choice of the pavement tiles. The pavement can be made of simple brick layouts to cast plain cement to manufactured designed tiles. The pavement are the important feature of your house connecting your the main door from the entrance gate. So the main features of your house should be properly highlighted with pathway designs.


5. Verandah Floors:

The floor of the verandah that is present outside your main entrance doors, covered with the roof, can be beautiful fixed with various types of tiles flooring or any other flooring such as vinyl flooring, stone flooring that will give your front verandah an extraordinary look, try to put tiles that will make a less slippery appearance specially during rainy days.

Verandah Floors

6. Doors:

The entrance door one more important feature of your house, first comes the hardness and durability of the door as it is fixed to  the external portion of the house, so before approaching the looks of the outside you should be careful about the quality and durability of the door,then comes the entire look of the door the design of the door makes a difference on the aesthetic of the entrance. The design of the door depends on the width and height of the door, the wider the door the more you can work on the panels of the doors, the wooden doors are most hard and secured found till today compared to any other external door.


7. Roof:

Roof of the entrance can give the outsiders a first impression of your house, so try to give the roof an extra grand look, that can be through slope roof or false ceilings, if not so then simply give the ceiling a beautiful impressive color that will break the monotonous appearance.


8. Covered Roof Through Pavement:

One more feature you can add to your entrance is the covered or designed roof for the pavements, you can introduce trellis as a covering or you can put GI sheds  which will not only make the path decorative but at the same time it will avoid the rain to wet the pathway or pavement, the roof can be covered by bamboos also making trellis and covering it through sheets.

Covered Roof Through Pavement

9. Designed Column:

Not necessary all entrances will have a covering roof or columns as an elevational perspective of the house and if you have the columns then decorate the columns in various ways, the brick facing, stone facing or any other tile facing whatever it may be the decoration will not only give the columns any differential setup but will increase the total outlook of the entrance, the walls can also be treated with many other wall colors or stickers that will provide some more elegance to the house, as we develop the designs of the columns and wall of the entrance we can see the total beauty drawn by the entrance.

Designed Column

10. Sitting Arrangement:

So, the main thing for the guests to welcome is the sitting arrangement for them, the sitting arrangement can be made according to the space available in the entrance space, keep a rack for magazines fixed on the wall, so that anyone one can sit relax and read. The sitting arrangements can be of any material, it can be made of wrought iron or wood, all has its own individuality and expresses the spaces in their own  style of the material. The color of the cushions also makes an effect on the interior of the entrance space.

Sitting Arrangement

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