10 Magical Ways To Decorate Your Room With Feather Furnishing

Decorating home is the most interesting as well as difficult task to do. Nowadays various kind of modern designing furniture and other home decor are available in the market thanks to those shopping malls that you can now get all your needs to décor your home just a step ahead. Some women have a hobby of decorating their home by their choice with spending a lot of money on buying different things. A new trend of decorating home is very popular nowadays that is choosing a particular theme according to which you will make over your home with a brand new touch.

The feather design is very innovative one and many people are using feather style décor in their home. If you are doing a theme make over then make sure you are using most of the things in your home with a glimpse of the same design. Like if you are planning for a feather touch make over then go for feather designs in most of your daily use things as well as the home decors.

Here Are 10 Magical Ways To Decorate Your Room With Feather Furnishing

1. Lamp Shade With A Feather Design

Lamp shade very useful thing which you need to decorate your home, there are various kind of designer lamp shades are available in the market which gives your bed room or dining room a very ecstatic feel. Choose a lamp shade with feather design on it make sure your lamp shade consists of a vibrant colour feathers on it as it will give a very charming feeling to your home.

Lamp Shade With A Feather Design

2. Feather Framed Art Design

Hanging painted pictures or pictures of your family members are very common sight in people’s home. It will be very innovative if you can arrange some dark coloured and white colour feathers together and frame them in a rustic wooden photo frame it will give a totally new feeling and it looks exotic on your drawing room or bed room wall.

Feather Framed Art Design

3. Feather Wall Hanging

It is the most easiest and the most casual design one can make with the feathers it just needs nothing other than some feathers. What you have to do is collect feathers of different colours and bind then in a single bunch and just hang them in your wall. More the vibrant colour you choose more your wall would look attractive. But make sure changing these feathers once in a year as they may be contaminated.

Feather Wall Hanging

4. A Feather Design Blanket

Go for feather design for your blanket also give you a nice feeling if you are unable to find feather design blanket then go for a feather design cloth and make a blanket cover with it. Make sure your blanket too is of bright colour along with a bright colour cover but if you don’t like bright colours much then opt for a colour of your choice.

A Feather Design Blanket

5. Make A Feather Bouquet

Many people have a passion of flower as they loves to design their home with various kinds of flowers by keeping them in a designer flower pot. I know flower is people’s first choice for keeping inside a flower pot but try something totally different by making a bunch with feathers and put it inside a flower pot just try it and you will feel how beautiful it looks when your guests will shower their compliments on you for this grand idea.

Make A Feather Bouquet

6. Art Design With A String

It is also a very budget friendly idea for you if you are trying to decorate your home with a feather touch. Just collect some feathers of your choice and knit them together like a garland design with it and you can just hang them in your wall or you can also wrap them with some large show piece of your choice.
Art Design With A String

6. Juju Feather Hat Design

It is a very innovative thing which you can do with the feathers just take some feathers and knot them together for giving it a spiral coil like design and simply hang it to your nicely painted wall.

Juju Feather Hat Design

7. Feather Design Pillow Covers And Bed Sheet

Coming to design your bed you should choose nicely crafted feather designed pillow covers and bed sheet for your bed room. This feather designs altogether to your bed room and dining room will give you a total makeover of your entire home.

Feather Design Pillow Covers And Bed Sheet

8. Stamped Feather Messages

various types of large artificial feathers are easily available in the market, choose any one of your choice and write some kind of messages of your choice with a poster colour and simply hang them in any corner of your home.
Stamped Feather Messages

9. Feather Design Branches

This design is specially suitable for your balcony for this you have to collect some twigs and original bird feathers just bunch it together and hang them in your balcony as it will give you a very rustic feeling but make sure not much birds visits your balcony otherwise they may feel that as their nest and will stay there.

Feather Design Branches

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