10 Luxury Shower Designs For Modern Bathrooms

Modern bathroom design is something that appeals to everyone these days. We all want our bathrooms to look exotic and awesome. Gone are the days when people never used to lay much stress on their bathroom designs. Nowadays, bathroom designs are quite in trend and it is expected to have a good bathroom layout. After all, your bathroom must emit good vibes while you are in it. There are many people who love to take showers and are quite fond of a beautiful bathroom. Also, taking bath in well-constructed and a beautiful shower adds to your happiness and of course, the standard. Every house ought to have a beautiful and trendy kind of bathroom on display which is modernised according to the latest trends. For all such people, we bring you some of the awesome luxury shower designs that demonstrate latest trends in modern bathroom designs. Some of these are really breath-taking and you are sure to slip on one or more while you go through it.

Here Are 10 Luxury Shower Designs For Modern Bathrooms

1. The One With A Side Shower

This unique modern shower design will be just perfect to try something different. The water in this shower style flows from the sides with a speed. With a modern twist in the ordinary showers, this one is worth trying.
The One With A Side Shower

2. Step It Up

The new modern designs in the bathrooms have come up with the showers that are built with glass walls on some 2-3 steps. This gives a sense of isolation to the shower unit and the overall look of the bathroom also becomes sophisticated, giving a special look to the shower unit. As seen in the picture, this one is practical and worth it.

Step It Up

3. The One With An Exotic Green Light

Showers with a light are becoming quite a trend nowadays. Installing a led lighting with the shower as seen in this picture will give an immense bathing experience. Added to the look of your bathroom, these green lightings will be soothing while taking a bath. A genuine luxury experience.

The One With An Exotic Green Light

4. The One With A Sitting

How about sitting and taking a shower? It must be really tiring when you love taking a shower for a long time. This luxury shower design with a sitting space is a complete new addition to the modern bathroom design. Sit and relax while taking a shower in this awesome shower unit.

The One With A Sitting

5. The Wall-Less Open Air Shower

This one is a really fascinating design. Instead of a wall, this open air shower has the water flow as its one wall. The flow of water in this shower unit will be high and you are sure to get a memorable shower experience every time you step in.
The Wall-Less Open Air Shower

6. The One Inspired By Nature

For the lovers of the nature, this luxury shower design will be a soothing one. The walls and joints in this shower design are truly inspired by nature as they are made up of woods-like material. This design will be a great representation of a shower in woods. If you have always fantasised taking shower in the woods than this might be a dream come true for you.
The One Inspired By Nature

7. The Round Shower

Take a break from the square and other polygonal shaped shower unit. This round glass shower unit is something the appeals to us as a different kind of addition into the family of luxury shower designs. Not only different, this seems to be more like a sophisticated design which will be liked by everyone.

The Round Shower

8. The One With Blue-Pub Light

A dark blue light shower sounds great. Again, the blue LED lights installed in this shower unit instantly adds to the overall look of your bathroom. This one will truly look like a modern luxury look for your bathroom.

The One With Blue-Pub Light

9. The Standalone Open Shower

This is yet another unique modern design for the luxury bathrooms. This one is made in open bathroom space with standing space of 1 person. The beautiful turns and twists in the shower pipes adds to the beauty of its design.

The Standalone Open Shower

10. The Cave-Like Shower

This one is made in a separate shower unit area. The marble colour used in this one resembles that of a cave. Two shower flows are installed in this one. This one will be a separate walk-in shower room and is one of kind type of design.
The Cave-Like Shower

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