10 Living Room Furniture Placement Ideas For Ergonomic Home Design

Ergonomy is a term used when science meets designing, as with respect to home designing, merging of science with home equipments to maximize productivity while reducing discomfort and exhaustion. In the present scenario, smart homes are in trend. Ergonomic designs are vital. Don’t be hesitant; ergonomic furniture can look beautiful besides keeping the workload to the minimum. Furthermore, people constantly suffering with back pain or discomforted with their sleep can observe positive results after using such kind of furniture. Therefore, people having to do with a lot of workload can use these techniques to reduce stress after coming back home and relax: freshen themselves up for the next day’s work. Let us consider some of the furniture, ergonomic in nature, which can be substituted with the present ones to increase your satisfaction level.

Here Are 10 Living Room Furniture Placement Ideas For Ergonomic Home Design

1. Lounge Chair

Lounge chair is proven to help a person with back problems. This piece of furniture can prevent back aches and other problems while a person is relaxing or even lounging. The chair usually contains a considerable amount of foam that settles accordingly and eases the spine. To add on to that, a lounge chair can also help a person straighten his legs and relieve them of the stress. Perhaps, the best piece of furniture a person requires after a long day’s work.

Lounge Chair

2. Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp

Eyes too deserve a break. After a long drive back or after a long project on the computer, this lamp aides against fatigue to the eyes. The lamp apart from doing the above mentioned task, it also emits good amount of light. The head of the lamp can rotate for accurate positioning.

Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp

3. Hercules Series Chairs

These chairs are made for people with back problems. This chair is distinctive from other chairs as this, firstly is made of lumbar support that do not take a lot of space and secondly, the chair has a waterfall front that makes it very comfortable. Even though a bit expensive, these chairs are very durable.

Hercules Series Chairs

4. Wing Chairs

Ever felt like a king while sitting on a chair? Wing chairs can give you the kingly feeling but more importantly these kind of chairs are very relaxing for the spinal cord and the length of the back reaches till the head, thereby giving the neck also an opportunity to relax.

Wing Chairs

5. Rattan Meditation Chair

Want to have a chilled out time while sitting or want to meditate, this chair doesn’t hold back in surprising anyone. Made from earth friendly rattan, natural cotton and sustainable kapok, this piece of furniture can allow a person to sit cross legged and meditate, relaxing your mood and body.

Rattan Meditation Chair

6. Accent Chair 

The chair with an accent is one of the most modern and stylish pieces that you can have in your living room. Accent chairs do not allow your feet to change positions thus keeping them in one single position. This is a very good way to rejuvenate your feet, after all they have to do all the walking.

Accent Chair

7. Pedestal Accent Chairs

Wan to rotate around on a chair? This kind of chair allows you to sit and rotate, freeing your mind of stress and tension. Beware, do not rotate so much that could lead to feeling unstable, especially after a heavy meal.

Pedestal Accent Chairs

8. Recliners

Yes the best of the lot. Even though a recliner can take up a lot of space and it is heavy as well, but it is is heavenly. This eases your back as you can chose the angle of back rest and a little uplift for the legs is just the feeling you need after a hectic long day. In modern times, recliners are in trend and moreover, the recliners now come in very stylish colors, thus making it look the perfect fit for your living room.


9. Chaise Lounge Chair

This chair was invented in the 1930’s and ever since then it has been called ‘the relaxing machine’. This long chair is in the shape of a person sitting with his knees bent. Well that is a relaxing position while lying on the bed but you don’t need to because this chair will automatically give you that position.

Chaise Lounge Chair

10. The Cradle

An alternative for the rocking chair, this piece of furniture is a huge chair in which a person can cuddle and sleep. Besides that, this chair is extremely relaxing and cozy; yes it seems like a god sent gift during the winters.

The Cradle

The above mentioned furniture ideas are surly going to give unique look to your house. So, try them out and see the difference!



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