10 Interesting Kitchen Decorating Ideas

This is the corner of the house which churns out delicious dishes and stocks your entire month’s grocery; kitchen. But wait; isn’t kitchen also the place that act as diner too? Nowadays kitchen also serves as venue for hosting tea parties and many like to catch up with their friends over drinks close to kitchen as refrigerator is nearby. So to decorate our kitchen, start with the basics and choose the color scheme first. Dark colors are a big no since they absorb heat. Renovations on the floor and cabinet is as important as accessorizing your kitchen. Moreover kitchen is decorated more for practical reasons.

Here Are 10 Interesting Kitchen Decorating Ideas

1. Retro Kitchen

There are definitely a lot of positives to take from the retro kitchen set ups of the yesteryears. Vintage curtains with vintage cuts and stitches are a must for doors and windows. Bright colors work best for floors and lighting should complement every aspect of the kitchen add-ons. Wooden utensils can be a good pick and don’t forget to sum up with an atomic clock, pepper shakers and cookie jars.

Retro Kitchen

2. Country Décor Kitchen

Canisters play an important role for kitchen decoration based on country theme, add as many of them as you can. In world of plastic crockery, bottles, colanders or strainer are find to find. You can hang strainer in wall to create random patterns. For the innovative you, try using silverware like spoon and bend them to make keys.

Country Décor Kitchen

3. Rustic Decoration

This one too has past written all over. There is not even a hint of modernity and banks open shelves for storing dishes. The farm house sink will be an instant hit due to its capacity to hold lots of dishes. Some also put soda crates and cartons to keep monthly supplies.
Rustic Decoration

4. Den Furniture

Furniture can take plenty of space which can be a big setback for your decorating ideas. The trick is to buy hideaway furniture. They give you a lot of space for using your kitchen as diner. Some den furniture to be considered are kitchen cabinets and tables that can be rolled out and wall mounted tables.

Den Furniture

5. Oven Awning

It is a great decorative item that can smartly conceal your oven vent smudged in smoke. Metal awning is being used in quite a few restaurants these days and having one in your kitchen will also give an antique look.

Oven Awning

6. Bar Stools

They are unique accent pieces that can also provide for some extra seating without taking extra space. Bar stools in kitchen can be of several types starting from retro fusion, tropical and even those based on a particular theme. And if you are fond of traditional design, the most perfect stool would be that of leather that looks simply elegant. To get a touch of café, you can buy cherry wood chairs that you see and admire in uptown coffee shops. But please make sure that the bar stool seats are between 17 to 31 inch.

Bar Stools

7. Soma loft

The kitchen design is an example of how kitchen decoration can be done with furniture that has a practical design. Soma loft boasts of aesthetics with a butcher block finish on the top, flat panel cabinets, utensils and appliance made of stainless steel. The table’s wheels have locking mechanism and the drawers can be accessed from the sides.
Soma loft

8. Compact kitchen

Compact kitchen is a product of carefully utilizing whatever little space available. Instead of spending dollars on building storage space, opt for simplicity and keep the shelves open and to keep everyday utensils; there can be over the head hooks that will help you in great deal.
Compact kitchen

9. Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island is multipurpose furniture which basically occupies the central position. One doesn’t need to worry about storage as kitchen island concept can also serve as extra area for storage, breakfast area, bar and even act as prep space. There are also built-in sinks in some of Kitchen Island concepts.
Kitchen Island

10. Chalkboard Design

The design is combined with French Bistro details and adds lot of fun. Chalkboard décor encourages a lot of scribbling and doodles and one would not mind writing down messages and recipes.

Chalkboard Design

For all the kitchen decoration ideas, there must be clarity as to what color you choose and the kind of floors you want. Gray has been known as perfect accent color whereas black should be your color of choice if you really want a powerful décor. Integration of colors like yellow, white and wood makes a harmonious combination.

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