10 Interesting Children Room Furniture

If you really want to stretch your wild imagination to its full, try looking for interesting children room furniture. Yes, the kids’ room has some of the most interestingly designed furniture; starting from the beds they sleep on, the table they study in or the accessory box they keep all their toys and other stuffs in, apart from being interesting this job is challenging as well. The smallest members of the house are also the most fickle and tend grow pretty fast. It becomes imperative to look for furniture that look pretty much cool and have a lasting impression and liking for at least a few years down the line so you do not have burn hole in your pocket to modify things over and over. The best way to go about the business is by making an early start. Take a look at these

Here Are 10 Interesting Children Room Furniture

1. Race Car Bed

This one is a smash hit right away as far as impressing your little man is concerned. The very fact that the bed’s design is such that it resembles a race coupe will makes things not only interesting but quite thrilling at the same time. Like cars, you get plenty of models for beds including Malibu beach jeep, GT race cars. My oh my! You even have fire rescuer, safari coupe and London double Decker bus themed beds too.

Race Car bed

2. Cindrella Beds

Another themed bed but this time, it is for the queen of the castle. Cindrella bed is what will make your princess’ dream pleasant on while she is asleep. Themed after the widely popular and known story, they are crated to perfection and hardly anything cannot augur well with them. The more generalized option could be a bed of girly theme.

Cindrella Beds

3. Sports Themed Sofas

Sports is pretty much part and parcel of every growing kid and sports themed sofa get them to have a comfy feel with one of their sports’ kid and equipments albeit in replica form. Sports theme bed never run out of option and it is a very interesting piece to have in the kids’ room. Beside the less wooden furniture the less chances of your getting and hurt and stomping their feet. Our favorite is the Baseball glove chair.

Sports Themed Sofas

4. Mushroomed Tables

Bring the toads in your house and you do not even have to listen to them croak! The mushroom tables are one of the most delightfully interesting furniture that will dominate the kids’ room. This one takes the because it can be quite a place to keep the stuff toys of the room at peace as well, and please don’t try anything childish as making your little one sit on it! Or let the kids try the same for that matter.

Mushroomed Tables

5. Stuffed Toys Chair

Call it a chair with stuffed toys or stuffed toys stuffed in a chair; either way, your naughty kid is going to jump and land over it with fun every single time. Alas! You do not have much to do except wonder in agony that you did not have a chair of this sort and used to assemble all stuffed toys at one place and cuddled them all the time.

Stuffed Toys Chair

6. Stairway Bed

These really slipped out of mind. Stairway bed Double up as your multi-task bed and having one of these mean that you get interesting set-up in the room, study space below the ergonomically designed bed. No to mention; the smile at your kids’ face when they would climb up to the bed like they are taking uphill.

Stairway Bed

7. Under The Seat Space Chair

Not a groundbreaking piece of furniture but it can be counted on for it has storage space beneath the chair that can come in handy for storage space. Just for the small essentials like notebooks, bedtime story books though not big ones.

Under The Seat Space Chair

8. Children’s Mirror

Now that’s a beauty by IKEA, this mirror made exclusively for the cutest member of the family is even cuter and safer due to the fact that it is made of soft plastic, can be kept on the floor so when the toddler has a look at it, he gets caught off-guard, completely. Interesting, right?

Children’s Mirror

9. Kids’ Magazine File

Ok, they don’t read business magazines like you do but they have some reading materials in their room anyway, so why not give them a furniture dedicated to their magazines.

Kids’ Magazine File

10. Wall Pockets

All small miscellaneous stuffs making the room messy and untidy get walled. You can also keep important papers for your quick look.

Wall Pockets

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