10 Inspiring Ideas Of Fairy Tales On Tree Stumps


Everyone has a childhood, every children had heard the fairytale stories of fairies and their houses and castles. The memories can be made alive through the implementation of it on the old and neglected tree stumps in your garden. Few tree stump in your garden becomes a spoiler among all beautiful natural flowers and plants grown in the garden so the tree stumps can be decorated with various fairy tales and inspired ideas of the tales that will improve or give a more splendid outlook to the garden but on the other hand the tree stumps are decorated and altogether the fairytale in your garden will encourage  concept as theme of fairytales garden of which few ideas are given below for inspiration.

1. Animal House:

Built a house for the an animal on the top of the tree stump, a fairy tale on the tree stump surrounded by small gravel or pebbles on the ground of the tree stumps. The shelter for the giraffes on top of the tree stumps, made of stems of dried plants fixed on the plane of the stump.

Animal House


2. Mossy Tree Stumps:

Old tree stumps covered with the mosses that looks very swallow in the open garden areas specially it occurs in rainy seasons, the best way to make it lucrative, is give a story to the tree stumps, making stairs, arched door and mushrooms with beautiful elevated.

Mossy Tree Stumps

3. High Raised Tree Stumps:

Sometime it happens, that your garden has a raised tree stumps which makes the appearance of the garden unattractive, so improvement can be done by decorating the tree stumps, a sloped roof with a small window and a balcony, make it a house for your toys. The whole tree stump is converted to the a fairy two storied house.

High Raised Tree Stumps

4. Flower Stand:

Tree stumps can be used in holding flowers on top of the it, beautiful and colorful flowers or any artificial flowers can be placed on the tree stump making it a flower stand, the door and landscape is added to it, this renders  your garden with a fairy tale theme giving a boundary to it, through small plants and small rocks.

Flower Stand

5. Grasses On Top Of The Tree Stumps:

Make beautiful topping of grasses, on the old tree stumps, fences can be added to make a boundary, the fairy house is made with door and stairs to the top, exactly as the fairy tale stories. This gives the bare look garden a new glimpse of beauty.

Grasses On Top Of The Tree Stumps


6. Two Tree Stumps:

Make a fairy tale story with two tree stumps placed close to each other, the best part is the inclination of the house with the stumps, different textured pieces woods are used to make the structure of the house, the house of fairies. The concept may be applicable on the huge tree bottom, apart from tree stumps, it may improve the lust of the garden.

 Two Tree Stumps


7. Castle Of Fairies:

Unused tree stumps are sometimes an unwanted object in your garden, or your open spaces you can built an empire if the fairy tale house with wonderful flowers, fences and elevated ground level to give a castle look, beautified with various grasses, colorful flowers and small or tiny staircases as wonderful as any one can dream about fairy tales.

Castle Of Fairies

8. Semi Underground Laid Tree Stumps:

Extreme innovative and skilled hands may be required to encourage such types of work to be endured with a tree stump. The windows and doors made with beautiful flaunts that are only possible with artistic mind and hands to make such a beautiful outcome and laid in any place whether backyard or front yard will make the place entirely rendered with beautiful fairytales.

Semi Underground Laid Tree Stumps

9. Mounted Houses:

Dream of a house in the mountains, the idea in implemented in this tree stumps where the small beautifully rendered houses with plants and lands are mounted on the tree stumps, giving an effect of the houses on the mountains, looks extremely appealing, such ideas of fairytales can be used in your garden on the tree stumps getting an inspiration from such mounted houses.

 Mounted Houses

10. Sitting Zone:

One of the funniest and cutest form of creative work is the making of the house from branches, placing it on top of the tree stumps, arranged a sitting area of tiny sizes with resemblance fairy tales is extremely wonderful to be placed at the entrance of the front yards. It gives a fantastic aesthetic perspective at the front yards, as each and every element of a fairytale house is designed with depth and details in these tree stump conceptions.

Sitting Zone



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