10 Inspiring DIY Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

The kitchen needs to be a wonderful place where you will love to cook for your family. It needs to be cleaner and decorative place. Cabinets are the only idea that can make a kitchen beautiful and effective. You can charge up your creativity and alternate the cabinets in a very smart manner with some new ideas. There have lots of ideas. These ideas can make your kitchen one of the best looking handy kitchen.

Here Are 10 Inspiring DIY Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

1. Wall Cabinet

This is a very useful cabinet idea. You can make this cabinet just above the kitchen top. Most of the time this type of cabinet made of wooden or plywood frame with glass gates. It depends on you to select the sliding doors or the pulling doors. The advantage of this cabinet is you can see your things and take it out by seeing and not by guessing. You can make the number of slabs according to your need.

Wall Cabinet

2. Tug Out Kitchen Cabinet

This is a great idea to save and utilize the space properly. Just add sliding shelves in the old cabinets. This way you can hide the larger items from the guests and make the kitchen clean. You can find these sliding shelves in the market easily. It is not so hard to fix. Normally you can apply the idea under the kitchen top area. You can place one drawer and then the tug out cabinet.

Tug Out Kitchen Cabinet

3. Tugout Wooden Shelves

You can include a wooden tugout shelve inside the cabinet . First of all, you can make it by your own. Second one is you can place your crockery items in this pullout shelve so that the kitchen top will be clean. You can easily increase the number of shelves and you also can put a steel crockery divider in it to understand easily where to collect the fork and the spoon. These dividers are also available ready made in the market. Your job has to attach the dividers with the pullout shelve.

Tugout Wooden Shelves

4. Drawer Cabinet

If the kitchen has not more space then a drawer cabinet idea is just waiting for your approval. This idea is the best for thin and taller cabinets. Fix two or more sliding pull -out drawers in the cabinet. This way you will save your space as well as you can use the cabinet space easily. In fact, these drawers will have some height too to place large jars and bigger utensils.
Drawer Cabinet

5. Under Cabinet Drawers

Utilize the lower space of beneath the cabinets by making them drawers. These drawers must be low in height, but spacious. You can store smaller items in the toe-kick drawers. For instance, baking trays, molds, ice trays, cups, dishes etc.

Under Cabinet Drawers

6. Cabinet Top Shelves

If you have space above the cabinet, then make an attractive cabinet there with sliding doors or pull out doors. Make two to three shelves. Place your jars on it.You just make a use of the upper portion of the shelve . You can put some pots of little plants and do the gardening. You can plant a few herbs in small pots. This way you will get fresh herbs in the kitchen and also can décor your kitchen with some fresh green plants.

Cabinet Top Shelves

7. Plate Rack

You can easily create the plate rack from an old cabinet. Place this rack near the sink. You can put the dishes on the rack distinctly and neatly. You can also utilize the upper portion of the rack. This rack is really useful. It makes your job quite easy. Arrange large and small dishes according to its size.

Plate Rack

8. Glass Doors In Cabinet

Change your cabinets with some twist. Remove old cabinet doors and replace them with glass doors. Use glass doors, especially which are wall cabinets. The twist is it will be see- through. You will easily find the jars and things from these cabinets. It will look good.

Glass Doors In Cabinet

9. Handy Sink Storage

Most of the kitchen doesn’t allow any space under the sink. This space is closed by the cabinet doors in almost every kitchen. But you can utilize this space. Just keep a small steel rack inside that space. Place the wet sponges, plate brushes, liquid soap and other cleaning items on the rack.

Handy Sink Storage

10. Curved Cabinet Space

You can use the curved cabinet space by attaching it a curved frame. You can store bottles here. You can utilize the space with a bottle of wine, sauces, and soft drinks. This way you can put all your bottles within the cabinet and utilize the curved space as well.

Curved Cabinet Space

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