10 Innovative Teenage Boy Bedroom Ideas

Teenage are tumultuous times; sense of individuality and need of privacy kicks in. The teenage boy in your house must have started to relate himself with these words by now. Every house goes through some renovations and changes in décor once in a while but if you now have a boy who has entered in his teens, you had better give him his own “SPACE”; not just literally but by providing a corner of the house. Bedroom will be the first in the list of their demands and you cannot hand him over just like that. It has to be equipped and designed as to it looks every bit of his dug out. Be wise and try to identify his tastes and things that matter to him the most. That way, half the battle is won. For a start, take a look at the 10 innovative boy bedroom ideas and pick one that you think is perfect for him before another random thought or sulkiness crosses his mind.

Here Are 10 Innovative Teenage Boy Bedroom Ideas

1. Music Theme Bedroom With Vintage Accents

Music becomes companion and best source of expression for many teenage boys, so why not get more of it? The bedroom idea also focuses on combining rustic vintage accents. If you have musical instruments already, hang them on the wall. As for getting vintage look, select one of the four corners and give the walls red bricks. Few posters and framed photographs of yesteryear music personalities of current and yesteryears can also give definition of the room.

Music Theme Bedroom With Vintage Accents

2. MMA Theme Teenage Boy Bedroom

If your teenaged boy is the man and MMA athlete in the making; make the bedroom his dojo. This is a very contemporary bedroom idea that has come to the fore with increasing interest in the sport. The key is to have this sort of bedroom is by putting the bedroom aside and keep open space at disposal. That’s correct; to keep his sport gears and other essentials. More open space means they can be used in the future if your teenage boy is planning another overhaul.

MMA Theme Teenage Boy Bedroom

3. Bright Colored Bedroom

Bright is beautiful. More so when teenage boy refuses to go out in the open. Bright colors bring lots of positive energy coupled with contemporary décor that can be elevated further by minimal furniture. Besides, there is no need to add too many furniture when a computer table has all teenage essentials.

Bright Colored Bedroom

4. Military Camouflage Bedroom

Let the boy grow into a man with sense of discipline amidst military set up in his bedroom. On a lighter note, many teenage boys are fascinated by men in uniform. Use military hues in bed sheets, blankets and pillow covers and they will love it.
Military Camouflage Bedroom

5. Built-in Storage Bedroom

With changing times, storage space requirement only increases. Therefore, for teenage boys you have to have storage space which is built-in. The fussy teenage fellow will get all his stuffs in the same room and there will probably be enough space to carry out other indoor activities.

Built-in Storage Bedroom

6. Contrast Color Bedroom

Boys love colors too! This idea is all about colors that are opposite to each other and make surprisingly beautiful combinations. The overall atmosphere will be a mixed bag, just like a teenage boy’s mind. But the end result is worth the effort for sure!

Contrast Color Bedroom

7. Blackboard Headboard Bedroom

The Einstein of your house cannot ask for more! Blackboard headboard in a bedroom will not freak a nerd boy out. Once again, the furniture will be minimal. Since we are talking black here; wall paint will be black. Of course!

Blackboard Headboard Bedroom

8. Geography Themed Bedroom

Your boy could also be a Columbus raring to go the distance. Besides, it’s a good idea to have world map as headboard because it will be interactive learning anyway. Other than headboards, you can add magnetic compass as paperweights, magnifying glasses and a host of sketch pens.

Geography Themed Bedroom

9. Wooden Cabinet Bedroom

Woods woods everywhere! Whether it is the bed, the cupboard, his study table or his closet; they all have to be such that it looks more like a cottage for him to refuge at. But it is not obligatory. Just in case, you think he will like it.

Wooden Cabinet Bedroom

10. Comics Themed Bedroom

He is a teenager, not extinct. A comic hero themed bedroom will still charm him. It is also easier for you as an idea. All you got to do is identify his favorite superhero. And don’t worry about its relevance; it will remain a favorite in home décor world for some more time.

Comics Themed Bedroom

The above mentioned ideas are surely going to enhance the decor of your teenage boy bedroom. So, try them out!

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