10 Incredible Ways To Decorate Your Guest Bedroom

When you visit someone else’s home, you desire a home like room, comfortable and homely. Therefore that makes you also obliged to do the same so that your guests get the same treatment that you wish for. No hard sciences but there are simple ways by which you can do the same, and impress your guests so that they feel invited like every time.

Let Us Consider Some Ways By Which You Can Make Your Guests Feel Cozy

1. Classically Crisp

Having caramel colored walls and white sheets to go with the walls is the way to go about it. Let the sun come in through the windows, giving a shinier look to the walls. To complement it further, the lampshades can be useful as when the light is switched on; the whole idea is to see the caramel-yellow color themed room in front of you. Would be best if this room was in a cold area, definitely making you feel warm because of the surroundings.

Classically Crisp

2. Serene Style

Pillows and bed sheets matching with beautiful bluish walls is the way by which this can be achieved. The idea is to keep the room as simple as possible, with no flashy or different colors except the ones matching the walls. Leave the guests with a lot of pillows to ensure a good night’s rest.

Serene Style

3. Small Space, Big Look

If you encounter a small space and want to make it look large, then adding a lot of colors is a good way to do it. The sheets and the pillows, the decorations, the side drawers, the lamps; let there be a lot of things but with different colors. This would make one feel that he has been given a huge space to live in, even though you secretly know the truth.

Small Space, Big Look

4. Double Decker

Solving small space problems has a new dimension. Do not hesitate to use bunker beds in a guest room to help your guests take a night off. This kind of setting would be best for friends; all would want to stay together for a chit-chat before bed. Avoid the same setting for elderly guests.

Double Decker

5. Kidzee World

Looking to settle in the guests’ kids, this is the best planning you can do. Two single beds separated by a table is the way to go about it. Moreover, this setting inside the room is perhaps the neatest one, which the guests are going to love for their kids. Do not forget to fill the empty space on the bed with some stuff toys.

Kidzee World

6. Boho-Chic Style

Always fascinating for the youngsters. Colorful walls, dim lights with lamp shades, posters on the wall, trippy colored sheets and pillows and many more hippie things are covered under this heading. If you have hippie friends, they are going to love it. Remember to have some lite music in the background; it would complement the bohemian touch.

Boho-Chic Style

7. The Royal Purple Theme

Purple is a color of royal or noble characteristic. If you ever wish to make your guests comfortable by placing them in the royal blood series, this is the setting you would consider. Curtains, pillow covers, linen and lamp shades, all of purple color, would do wonders for you.

The Royal Purple Theme

8. Lavish Guest Rooms

Not all of you aware of the guests ‘taste and placing a lavish modern theme is just the need for the hour. Keep the room simple to begin with. Having modern art with square cupboards and drawers should impress someone coming to your place. For best results, try to keep the color of the sheets and pillows in consonance with color of the walls.

Lavish Guest Rooms

9. Gamers Paradise

If you have a small quarter available in your home, make the best use by placing a sofa cum bed in it. The sofa can aid as furniture while playing video games on the TV and while your guests need to call it a day, roll out the sofa into a bed, serves both the purposes well. If you are still left with some space, fill it up with bean bags, as you gamers require it.

Gamers Paradise

10. The Charm Of Cottage

Looking to give your guests a country side type of a room to stay, try the cottage theme. Having huge beds with extra layers of mattress would provide a soft and heavenly feeling to the person staying there. The king size beds with iron bars (if present) around them can also be used to place curtains around the bed; well some people ask for privacy so let them have it.

The Charm Of Cottage

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