10 Incredible Modern Furniture Ideas

Every home has a soul of its own and demands its own authentic style of décor. Times have changed and so has interior designing. Modern design is all about minimalism and furniture that comes in really swanky shapes and color. There is no limitation to ideas and there is no dearth of people who implement those ideas. Modern furniture is more about functional utility than appearance. Gone are the days of glorious, larger than life furniture that used to be full of intricate design. Nowadays, we see more simple yet beautiful furniture everywhere. There are some incredible ideas that fit the modernity bill and look stunning as well.

Here Are 10 Incredible Modern Furniture Ideas

1. Bookshelves Of All Shapes

Books are the best way to showcase your taste and interests and the arrangement of those books can also be an element that one can show off. These days, bookshelves come in all shapes and colors. This is just one example. The weirder the shape, the more modern the look of your bookshelf.

Bookshelves Of All Shapes

2. A Hammock Bed

Bring the outdoors inside and indulge in a fun hammock bed. Who doesn’t like sleeping in a hammock? And who says you can’t sleep in one every day? A hammock bed is fun, comfort and design all mixed up. This is a great idea for those who are looking for new ways to decorate their home. A huge plus is the fun factor that comes with sleeping in a hammock.

A Hammock Bed

3. Storage Under The Stairs

A great way to use the space that is otherwise unusable. If your attic is overflowing with stuff, then this is definitely the way to go. Use up all the space under the stairs, build a couple of doors and no one has to know what’s behind those beautiful doors. Junk and newspapers and what not. Room for everything.

Storage Under The Stairs

4. A Vertical Wall For Plants

This can be installed in the kitchen and used to grow herbs. A kitchen garden right in the kitchen! Even if you don’t have a garden or you live in an apartment, you can still indulge in the joy of gardening with this vertical wall garden. Grow all the herbs you would need right in your kitchen. They are easy to manage and require minimum maintenance. Fresh herbs available literally at the snap of your finger.

A Vertical Wall For Plants

5. A Walk In Pool

This is one of the most popular attachments of homes these days. A pool that doesn’t feel like a pool but a beach. Now, who wouldn’t like that? In terms of looks, it has an extremely swanky, modernistic appearance that will go perfectly with the rest of your home. Not to mention all the good times that come with having a beautiful pool.

A Walk In Pool

6. Indoor Slides

Because slides are fun and climbing down stairs isn’t! Having a slide inside your home is great for kids and sometimes for the adults in the house too. Just slide down and become a child again. And this can be done any number of times in a day.

Indoor Slides

7. Balcony Pool

Living in an apartment or a high rise doesn’t have to limit you in terms of swimming pools and gardens. One can still have those. This is extremely modernistic and in fact if you decide to have this, you would probably be one of the firsts in your community.

Balcony Pool

8. A Dining Table That Is Also A Pool Table

An example of how modern furniture makes use of limited space. You want to play pool but don’t have any room for a pool table in your home? Not an issue. Just double up the dining table as a pool table and use it interchangeably. A great way to save space.

A Dining Table That Is Also A Pool Table

9. Minimalist Chairs

A minimalist decor basically doubles up your space. It gives the illusion to the onlooker that the room is bigger than it actually is. Minimalist chair designs have been popular for some time now and they look breathtakingly beautiful. When placed at a perfect spot, they look and feel fantastic.

Minimalist Chairs

10. Modern And Minimalist Kitchen

Kitchen is where all the cooking magic happens and it deserves to be as modern and functional as possible. Which is why a minimalist kitchen will give you the utility that comes with modernity and minimalism. From having a foldable table and bar stools that can be replaced anytime one wants to having cabinets fixed inside the wall so that there is plenty of room in the cooking area, the ideas are endless.

Modern And Minimalist Kitchen

These modern furniture ideas are surely going to make a huge difference in the look of your complete house. Try them out!

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