10 Incredible Ideas To Create A Vintage Bedroom

Do you love retro style decor? Have you ever imagined a canopy over your bed? If your two answers are “yes” or even “can’t say” then just think about to transform your bedroom into retro style. Vintage style means old -fashioned design with some little changes. You don’t have to leave the comfort, technology or likes. Even it is not necessary to do a huge expense. Vintage bedroom means incorporating some old style and look in your bedroom.

Here Are 10 Incredible Ideas To Create A Vintage Bedroom

1. Pattern Board For Jewellery

The pattern board for making the jewellery stand is a great idea to create a vintage look in the room. But the space must look like the old style. Hang a wall pattern board to use as an open jewellery hanger. Fix some gold, white, red floral hooks on the board. Put your necklaces, earrings, rings and hair clips and bronze to those hooks. It will be the main attraction of your bedroom.

Pattern Board For Jewellery

2. Headboard

Make your own headboard of the bed. Take a board then fold it and cut it in a design. Then open the fold to get the full length design. Attach a wall paper on the board and fix it on the wall with some adhesive. Choose the wallpaper which looks like an old style. Just behind your bed. This is the easiest and inexpensive way to make your bed like a vintage one.


3. Lace Curtain

Hang a white lace curtain in your window. This curtain will allow sunlight in the room as well as protect your privacy. You can buy a designer curtain from a vintage material shop in the market or you can also search in the charity shop. These lace curtains look very sophisticated for its design, style and color. It looks perfect for the bedroom.

Lace Curtain

4. Decorative Elaborate Storage Table

Arrange a designer French –style table with storage. This table will improve the look of the bedroom. You can collect this kind of old stylish storage table from designated vintage shop or junk shop. Color it in white or gray or cream color to give the ideal antique look. You can also add a mirror with it or leave it as it is.

Decorative Elaborate Storage Table

5. White Flooring With Traditional Rug

Make the flooring in white color. You can use tiles, marble concrete but in white color because this floor is for the antique designer bedroom. Now buy a faded traditional designer rug. The rug must be in neutral color. You can easily find it from the carpet shop in the market. These rugs are available soft with beautiful design.

White Flooring With Traditional Rug

6. Classic Country Bedroom

You can transform a classic country bedroom in the vintage one. Decorate the room with old-style -metallic bed with gorgeous blanket and cushions with colorful floral design covers. Decorate other furniture in bright color like pink, yellow,purple or blue. Paint the wall with peculiar designer wallpaper.

Classic Country Bedroom

7. Cream Color With Faded Floral Touch

Paint the wall in parchment color and all furniture in cream color. Design the bed with linen light color preferably cream colored bed cover, floral design pillow cover with lace trimmed sides and old –fashioned cushions. The bedroom will provide you a cream, floral shaded look with a vintage theme. The bedroom will look soothing and comfortable.

Cream Color With Faded Floral Touch

8. White-Blue Vintage Bedroom

This old-fashioned bedroom is simple yet customized. Choose floral wallpaper in white and blue color. Arrange a white bedcover with blue quilt and keep the pillows in two colors some white and some in blue. You can keep both types of furniture, modern and antique. The bedroom will look sophisticated and old- fashioned.

White-Blue Vintage Bedroom

9. Luxury Vintage Bedroom

If you believe in luxurious living then this is the ideal bedroom décor for you. The luxury bedroom can be designed in soft colour. Make your wall grand with chinoisserie wallpaper with a big flower design. Place a luxurious wing back queen size bed, with some vintage light shaded furniture. Decorate the bed with light coloured bed sheets and satin cover, Velvet quilt and pillow covers. Add two able lamps which are white. The room will look beautiful, soothing and gorgeous.

Luxury Vintage Bedroom

10. Boho Style Bedroom

Use your wild imagination about the boho style. Create a colourful, stylish, bright vintage room for your girl. Use colourful floral wallpaper with white furniture. Now design this furniture with patterns, shapes, colourful accessories with some stripes and polka prints. These designs will flourish the boho style. The bedroom will look lively, bright, and full of colours and comfort. You can also design it to your master bedroom.

Boho Style Bedroom

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