10 Incredible Ideas For Galley Kitchen

The way we use and design our kitchen has changed over the last decade. The galley kitchen layout has become everyone’s favorite. They work well with all styles such as country kitchen ideas. These kitchens were originally made to be ultra-efficient, compact and ergonomic as ship’s kitchen. They were designed to maximize every inch of space in ships for both preparation and storage. Nowadays, professional kitchens are inspired by these linear plans of galley kitchens. These kitchens are not adopted with narrow spaces only but are popular with huge open spaces also. If you are planning to revamp your kitchen, then you must continue reading this post.

Here Are 10 Incredible Ideas For Galley Kitchen

1. Warm Materials

Warm material is the best substitute for the ultra modern kitchen designs. This is a fresh Steamer Bay design that is ideal for your galley. The design is complete with a butter-style sink, tongue-groove paneling, and the wooden worktops. This small yet spacious galley kitchen can make your room feel more warm and homely.

Warm Materials

2. Glazed Wall Units

Various design tricks are used in this galley kitchen idea such as the simple clean lines of the ivory cabinetry. If you see the image closely; you will find that oven housing is placed near the door in order to stop the blocking of light. These glazed wall units prevent the corridor effect and also allow for internal lighting.

Glazed Wall Units

3. Peninsula Design

Including this peninsula design in your galley kitchen is a way to add a dining area in the kitchen. It also provides extra workspace and a curved edge to echo its S-shaped cabinetry. With this design, you can give a detail to your kitchen that hinders the linear look of your kitchen and dining area.

Peninsula Design

4. Handleless Doors

The handleless kitchens are the preserve of the modern design kitchens. This handleless principle works with the traditional style cabinetry also. These include push open door cabinets that are ideal for your galley kitchens. There are no handles that take up the valuable space from your galley.

Handleless Doors

5. Breakfast Bar

The breakfast bar is built in your galley by extending the work-surface at the edge of the units. This is a clever and ideal solution when you have a shortage of space. In this image, you will see that the kitchen has glass fronted cabinets which reflect light and the wall units are hung just below the ceiling. This galley idea gives the room an open and airy feeling.

Breakfast Bar

6. Minimalist kitchen

The minimalist kitchen includes an integral hob and sink area extended beyond the rest of your cabinetry. The design also boasts the built-in shelves that can be concealed behind the tambour doors when your guests arrive. To get a clearer idea, see the image closely.

Minimalist kitchen

7. The Freestanding Units

The free standing units can be furnished in order to have a free space cooking area. Furnishing these means you can add kitchen if you need more storage or can take it with you when you move. This is an ideal trick that includes shallow wall cabinets and open shelving. Experiment with your cooking area to make it better and worth standing.

The Freestanding Units

8. Clean Run Of Units

The clean run of units contains the dark wenge handleless cabinets with well-honed granite worktops. In this idea, the built-in appliances also run along the back wall of the side extension. This design also includes a mirrored splashback and the elements of stainless steel that make up if you lack reflective surfaces. It also helps you keep your room light and bright.

Clean Run Of Units

9. Cabinet Free Wall

When you leave a wall free of cabinets in your kitchen, then you will get a space to add a small dining area. You can house your sink and appliances within the single unit in the galley that is supported by legs. This makes your room and cooking space more spacious and uncluttered at the same time. This is one of the best ways to have everything in your cooking area while making it more spacious.

Cabinet Free Wall

10. Lighting Solutions

Are you tired of a dark cooking area? Then try this idea with a variety of lighting solutions. You can add fancy lightings ranging from an oversized to the integrated appliance lighting. Both the options are functional and extremely eye-catching in your bold and industrial design galley. So what are you waiting for? This is the best idea of adding lighting to your kitchen and dining area without damaging its galley layout.

Lighting Solutions

These incredible ideas for galley kitchen are surly going to make a huge difference in your house. So, try them out!


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