10 Incredible Bathroom Finishing Touches

Bathroom is a place to freshen up. Bathroom design should be attractive enough to please us. Well managed and clean bathroom attracts everyone. If your bathroom is not structured properly, let we look at some of the finishing touches which can give you smooth enjoyment.

Here Are 10 Incredible Bathroom Finishing Touches

1. Half Wall

An attach bathroom is quite comfortable as it saves your time but for many, it looks problematic. There is always a solution for any problem. You can solve this problem by making half wall approach. A half wall in bathroom can give you privacy. It gives you multi tasking facility which includes hanging of towel or placing toilet paper. Half wall is just like a normal wall so if you don’t like it, you can beautify it with plants or hanging poster.

Half Wall

2. Modern Style With Classical Touch

Some customers tend to look for classical touch in bathroom but with modern touch. They want that all the facilities need to be included in this style. The designer comes up with good idea to choose the white color bathroom which looks classic. The features include a sink, a shower, a sanitary ware and of course bathtub. The designer uses a stone which are used in the house so that it can matches with room. They use corian instead of plaster and wooden panel to look more attractive.

Modern Style With Classical Touch

3. Bathtub Location

There are two attractive locations to place a bathtub. You can place it in center of bathroom or next to the wall. If you have a big enough bathroom that can fit all the facilities, place your bathtub in the center of bathroom. You can use claw foot bathtubs for this. Bathtub alone in the middle will be a center of attraction for all. Combination of windows and wooden makeup will give beautiful look to your bathroom.

Bathtub Location

4. Bathroom For Children

Children love to use things which look attractive and so bathrooms. In many apartments, houses do not have separate children bathrooms. So if you want your child likes to use your bathroom, you would have to do some necessary changes. If possible, try to apply cartoon styled wallpaper or poster on bathroom wall. Change the floor with matte finish to avoid sleeping. You can set another handrail in wall at a low height so that your kids can reach there comfortably. Avoid sharp corner furniture. Always use dark bright color in bathroom so that your kid will happily enjoy the moments.

Bathroom For Children
5. Change Your Bathtubs

You can get bathtubs in many materials but always use the material which is safe and durable for your family. You can change your bathtub material to acrylic. This material meets all the requirements of modern style. Acrylic bathtubs are so durable that you can use it for long time without any cracks. The surface is also quite smooth. This bathtub comes with shock absorbing material so that you can be in safe hands.

Change Your Bathtubs

6. Change Tiles

There are many types of tiles available which gives precious appeal. You can get it in many colors and designs. If you have marble or granite tiles, you can replace it with stone tiles as it is cost effective and also gives pleasant look. Natural stone tiles are made to avoid cracking as usually seen in ceramic tiles. Natural stone are also quite easy to install.

Change Tiles

7. New Mirror

If you are still using old fashioned mirror, try to change it to give a new look to your bathroom. There are so many mirrors available with different colors, designs and patterns. You can choose any of them which suits well as per your bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, you can choose a small classical mirror and if you own a big one, go for expensive big glossy mirror which really turn your bathroom around.

New Mirror

8. Change The Sink

You are not going to pay attention to the things which you use every day and sink is one of them. Changing sink can be a bit tricky as it is directly attached with your plumbing line. If your sink looks outdated, you can go for a new stylish sink. A sink is available in thousands of pattern so bring in the sink which fits most to your bathroom.

Change The Sink

9. Bring In Natural Light

In today’s era, bathrooms are quite congested due to heavy architectural design. If you really want to enjoy your bathroom stuff, make more windows in bathroom so that natural lights can come in. if you love transparency, you can make a glass wall so that you can enjoy the moments. This way your bathroom will looks like resort bathroom.

Bring In Natural Light

10. Decorate Your Bathroom

Decoration in bathroom looks unlikely for many but if you think practically, it looks attractive. There are many ways to decorate your bathroom. You can add paintings on wall, collectibles and small statues. You can also install combination of tiles which creates pictures. Glass walls can also be useful to protect your art work in bathroom as it avoids humidity.

Decorate Your Bathroom

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