10 IKEA Hacks For Superstyling Bathrooms

Love it or hate it but you simply cannot ignore IKEA hacks, the multinational company specializing in manufacturing of ready to assemble furniture worldwide. It is not the modernity in design that has made IKEA a reliable company in the world of furniture; it is the simplicity, adaptability of this furniture that makes IKEA a household name. IKEA hacks concentrate a lot on using each and every leftover space to the full for storage. When it comes to storage space for bathroom, there is a lot of struggle for nuclear and joint family alike to make the bathrooms spacious and more resourceful. For those who consider that IKEA hacks are all about utilizing space that scores low on style meter, theses hacks will simply blow you away. From making storage space for your daily styling accessories to adding tons of styling at the same time, any of these tens hacks will surely come in a handful.

Here Are 10 IKEA Hacks For Superstyling Bathrooms

1. Sink Storage Underneath Mirror

No matter how many shelves and cabinets are inducted to house all the daily essentials, need for some extra space is felt dearly. IKEA picture ledges will fit the bill as well as any mirror it is attached under. This is the best way to store some of the last minute bathroom essentials like perfume or jewelry that you take off before taking shower.

Sink Storage Underneath Mirror

2. Salad Bowl Sink Storage

This is IKEA at its ingenious best with which you can spruce up your superstyling bathroom idea. What’s more there is also an embellished IKEA dresser that stores bathroom essentials. But the cherry on the cake has to be the humble salad bowl that complements the sink so very well; a hack that will erase the woes of nearly every small bathroom in a rented apartment.

Salad Bowl Sink Storage

3. Hair Care Tool Holder

The hot tools should be handled with care any day. But that does not support the rather foolishly lavish idea of spending dollars on buying a specific holder; that too when you always have a kitchen utensil holder in the corner of your kitchen table. The evenly sized utensil holder has enough space to keep the hair dryer and straightener. It is compact enough to be put in any corner.

Hair Care Tool Holder

4. Raskog Cart

Why get freaked out when you have raskog cart as a smart IKEA hack to store all your bathroom essentials? It’s not a good idea to hope against hopes just to get a tissue paper within your reach. Not just tissue papers, raskog carts can virtually store it all. Needless to elaborate on its usability and flexibility that fits the cart in every bathroom.

Raskog Cart

5. Pluggis System

The name of this system is pretty weird but this IKEA hack is your answer to your entire make up storage compartments problems. It stays walled, so you do not have to worry for hijacked floor space. The containers are evenly shaped and designed thereby giving reasonable space to your entire make up kit.


6. Wood Rack With Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet paper holders too can get stylized with leather straps that hold a wooden bar to hang toilet papers. IKEA hacks for superstyling bathroom gets a pleasant touch with a rack that has flower vase and aroma of the perfume over an essential like toilet paper!

Wood Rack With Toilet Paper Holder

7. Step Stool For Bathroom

The step stool has a dual utility that counters the problem of kids not reaching the mirrors. Use the BEKVAM step stool to keep towels and toiletries when not used as stool by kids who cannot reach the mirror for a quick look while brushing. Step stools can also be used while washing clothes.

Step Stool For Bathroom

8. Ladder Shelf Cum Towel Holder

Shift places of ladder shelf and bring it inside your bathroom to make an interestingly innovative towel holder. It’s not the bulky storage cabinet but a thin furniture space like ladder shelf that saves a lot of space.

Ladder Shelf Cum Towel Holder

9. Nail Polish Stand

The BEKVAM Spice rack will be the IKEA hack that girls will fall for almost instantly. It is so spacious that it will put the entire selection of nail polish on display. The design is such that you can select your favorite color without picking them!

Nail Polish Stand

10. Kitchen Cabinets

You cannot shun this IKEA hack just because it says kitchen cabinet. Rather kitchen cabinet in superstyling bathrooms five you enormous storage space. Besides, for double sink vanity there is nothing that comes close to kitchen cabinet space. It is actually the height that makes it an ideal hack.

Kitchen Cabinets

The upper discussed IKEA hacks are really very helpful in maintaining the standard of your living. So, try them out and see the difference.

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