10 Ideas To Divide Small Spaces Or Rooms

Division of rooms are mainly needed for a small home. So, if you have 2BHK or 1BHK flat then you can easily divide your single room into two by applying some tricky ideas which will make your place look wider. All you need a beautiful room divider that can increase the space of your room along with enhancing the privacy of your room.

The room dividers can be easily installed in your room and they are mostly movable, just make sure that you are using a right kind of room divider which makes your room look spacious.

Given Here Are Some Ideas By Which You Can Divide The Small Places Of Your Room To Make It Look Larger Than Before:

1. Using Folding Screens:

Keeping folding screens for dividing room of your home is a great idea to apply and they can also give you some privacy in your room. The folding screens are very easy to use as they are light in weight and are easy to move from one place to another, they are translucent so they never makes your room dark like the other opaque room dividers does.

Using Folding Screens

2. Using Wallpaper:

Using a wallpaper to signal the end point of one room and then starting the entrance of another room is one of the easiest ideas of making a room divider and also a very pocket friendly method, all you have to do is just keep a nicely designed wallpaper to mark the end point and the entrance point of a single room, in this way you can easily cut off a single room into double one.

Using Wallpaper

3. Using A Shelf:

Go for a nice shelf with several stacks (preferably a book shelf) easily available in the market and simply keep the shelf in the middle of your room and make a lot of storage racks in it so that you can easily keep your books and other important articles in it, place the shelf exactly in the middle of your room so that it can cut off your room into two equal halves dividing a single room into two.

Using A Shelf

4. Hanging Curtains:

This is the simplest idea one can think of if they want to bisect their room. All you need to do is just hang some curtains high up in your room. You can even hang those curtains without a nook. Hanging curtains can easily divide your room into two without any kind of difficulties. Just go to the market and get some beautifully designed curtains or just go for a simple white curtain in the middle of your room and see that how your single room turned out into two and becomes more spacious.

Hanging Curtains

5. Narrow Walls With A Large Mirror:

Narrow walls sometimes becomes very essential in order to divide your room you may also can fix one mirror on the narrow wall of your bedroom or drawing room as it will make the room more bright and airy and fixing the walls with mirror will also enhance the look of your room.

Narrow Walls With A Large Mirror

6. Go For A Pony Wall:

Creating a pony wall is also a great idea to make a division in a single room as it will keep the spaces of your room more open while providing sufficient barrier needed to divide a room. A small wall in the middle of your room can easily divide your room into two parts and it will also provide a nice look to your room, this idea of pony wall is more suitable to use for dividing your drawing room into two halves.

Go For A Pony Wall

7. Using A Headboard:

If you have a nice headboard in your room then nothing like that, it is the best way of turning a single space into two and in this way your headboard can turn out to be a very useful tool of your room as it can simply act as a divider in your room, you may place a headboard in the middle of your bedroom for creating a study room for your children by cutting off your bedroom.

Using A Headboard

8. Place A Free Standing Barrier:

The free standing barrier are very easy to use and also very easy to handle as it is light in weight and a free standing barrier which can be fixed in your outdoor spaces help you to give a nice look to your sitting arrangements at the entrance point of your home.

Place A Free Standing Barrier

9. Creating An Alcove With A Mattress:

If you have a spacious dining room then you can easily divide the room by making a nice sitting arrangement with a coir or sponge mattress and some nicely covered cushions this place will give you and your guests a very comfortable feeling, just hang a nice curtains near it to maintain some privacy from your dining place.

Creating An Alcove With A Mattress

10. Placing Sliding Doors:

Sliding doors is a very nice idea of isolating rooms from one another it offers many possibilities to structure and divide your room it will also define the isolated area properly it is one of the best idea of dividing a room into two as after closing the door you will get a totally new room where nothing could disturb you when the door is closed.

Placing Sliding Doors

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