10 Ideas To Display Your Indoor Mini Garden

The major key to add a fresh and delightful look to your home is by adding a dash of nature into the interior décor and what best can you do to achieve it than displaying the same via the mode of an indoor mini garden! Whilst ideas are plenty and the choices of display are galore too, here we have come up with some of the best ideas to display your indoor mini garden with utmost élan!

Some Of The Ideas Are Discussed Below.

1. The Sculptural Vegetation

This form of nature when placed into your mini garden can add a lot of reality and glamour to your entire home. Try placing the plants with sculptural roots inside transparent round bowls and see it explore natural beauty to the fullest.

The Sculptural Vegetation

2. Make Heard Of Shower Caddies

In case you are in favor of a mini garden with a twist, you can do well with this bathroom mini garden idea where something as minimal as shower caddies come to your rescue. Just place your plants up till their roots and see the glamour they provide resting within the caddy with ease!

Make Heard Of Shower Caddies

3. Make Picture Frame Adorned With Succulents

This is an ah ha superb idea at that where you can add succulents to an old photo frame where just a mesh is required and you just go on sticking these amazing stuff creating a great look indeed! A different way to think of a mini garden isn’t it?

Make Picture Frame Adorned With Succulents

4. The Rack Style

While trying to create a mini garden in your home, it is always best to go ahead with plants which need least of watering and low on maintenance so that you can display them wherever you want! Thus, here we come loaded with cactuses and plants at par to adorn this side table like structure filled up with sand and stones to get the perfect picture!

The Rack Style

5. Easy Mason Jars And Slabs Of Wood

Think creativity and then you can see what difference that can make in your lives! With a few slabs of wood and mason jars attached in slanted horizontal position you can create your small abode of a mini garden with utter ease and is easy to create and low on the cost factor too! Incredible indeed!

Easy Mason Jars And Slabs Of Wood

6. Use Pellets And Create Your Mini Garden

This is an easy to create and make mini garden idea where you can use pellets to create a table like structure and incorporate small herbs and plants which looks amazingly splendid and changes the way your home feels once and for all! Keep side slabs to keep the necessary equipments handy, hope you noticed them already? Didn’t you?

Use Pellets And Create Your Mini Garden

7. Create Curtain Of Flowers

It is not always windows and curtains that keep your privates from staying so! Instead you can simply use a curtain of flowers as in here where the entire window region is decorated with small flower pots and lined well in rows so that you get the privacy and they get fresh air! What an idea to creatively use space and etch out a private garden isn’t it?

Create Curtain Of Flowers

8. Geometry For Your Mini Garden Idea

In case you are bored with the usual planted and seated mini garden idea, this might catch your fancy to say the least! While the geometrically patterned wall hang can sustain and hold small pots in them, you can easily change the flowering plants according to your whim and wish and make the room look different every day. Simple yet gorgeous and enticing, must say!

Geometry For Your Mini Garden Idea

9. Pond In A Transparent Cup Environment

Surprised, are you? Do not be, as we have actually come up with this strange yet extremely doable and recreate-able idea where a small translucent cup can be made the basis of a mini garden. Pour water and add small twigs and plants into the cup and just surround the base with moss and shoots, actually anything that you think can up lift the look. And guess what, you are done!

Pond In A Transparent Cup Environment

10. An Old Dressing Table Mini Garden

Old pieces of furnitures are not always to give away to the shops as waste or just exchanged for newer variations, instead at times they can actually make way for recreating a new look and a splash of life! This is just that and much more when a simple old dresser table is turned into a mini garden with all the drawers used to plant tiny greens and the top is used to place plants in old vases!

An Old Dressing Table Mini Garden

The above mentioned decorating ideas are surely going to enhance the beauty of your house. So, go green and try these ideas.

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