10 Ideas For Vintage English Country Kitchen In Bold Colors

There is so much nostalgia and tradition hidden in a vintage English kitchen; it could be the meeting place of generations sharing recipes and cooking hearty meals. But when it comes to decor the rustic elegance is always done in neutral or plain tones. Mostly hand crafted furniture adorns the space and wooden cabinets occupying the wall space. The kitchen is the heart of a home and doing it up in bright, bold colors can be quite risky, especially if it’s the charming English country type. We have come up with some interesting ideas of donning the vintage country styled kitchen in bold colors.
Bold colors for a Vintage English Country style Kitchen

1. Salmon Hues:

Salmon has a very homely appeal; the color does not jar with the eye and is actually a pleasant sight to behold. Salmon colored walls can be decorated with classic artistic portraits, old wall clock, old picture frames, and white wall cabinets displaying delicate crockery. The countertops can be done up in rich black or white marble. Dark wooden seats around the island and checkered flooring give a very earthy look. A hint of vintage lace cloth maybe from your grandmother’s collection would definitely beautify the space.

Salmon Hues

2. Blue & Red Combo:

The bold blue and attractive red sure are eye-popping for a kitchen. Wooden textured flooring with dark wood island surrounded by red bar stools renders a retro feel. Aqua colored cabinets in distressed style. An open storage concept with ingredients, spices and condiments kept neatly in glass jars. Stainless steel counter tops make it easy to clean surfaces. Creme colored walls with high wood beams create a warm ambience.

Blue & Red Combo

3. Sunny Yellow:

An eternal summer you will feel as if you have walked into a sunny Tuscan village kitchen. Rustic wooden tables with wooden stools, black counter tops and cabinets. White wide doorway and tiled backsplashed wall. A vintage dresser in the corner with a classic lamp all adds up to a tasteful dine decor.

Sunny Yellow

4. Purple Counters:

If you are one who loves to display all the dainty pots and pans, then an open shelf plan with purple bottom cabinets is the tailored style for a country kitchen. Purple counters and center table with weathered steel chairs complete the worn-out village feel. Hang a few old portraits on the pale brown walls to make it more authentic.

Purple Counters

5. Brick Bare:

Southernwest color inspirations create a rustic masterpiece in the kitchen. Rusty brick red on the cabinets, terecotta wall work, metal art pieces, ivory walls, with high beamed ceilings all create the perfect magic. Black window panes, artsy ornate basin, luxurious fittings, and the striking cobbled flooring make it a very inviting space for a family to gather in for a delicious meal.

Brick Bare

6. Bold Furniture:

Sometimes its the bold furniture that makes a huge difference. Color the chairs in the kitchen in bright tones and decorate the space with kitch vases, pots, pans, and shades. The contrast of the warm wall tones and the sudden pop of color in decor will make it a unique space to hang out during the day.

Bold Furniture

7. Tiles Do The Trick:

Bright colored tiles go well with plain colored cabinets. Chinese vases, high wooden beams, ancient sculptures autehticate the whole set up. The tiles can also be used to decorate the counter tops giving it part Greek theme.

8. Chocolate Brown With Patterned Fabric:

Chocolate brown ambience with upholstered patterned fabric for sofa and dark wooden chairs create a cozy feeling. Dark counter tops with white cabinets never loose the country chic. It is a very modern coquettish decor that blends perfectly with the traditional.

Chocolate Brown With Patterned Fabric

9. Raspberry Impressions:

Raspberry is a very striking tone for a kitchen, it imparts a flamboyant romantic appeal. Dark colored cabinets go well with white painted walls. Sparsely furniture and decluttered look provide a soothing atmosphere. This decor theme is ideal for a small country-side cottage.

Raspberry Impressions

10. Royalty Like Orange:

If you wish to have a very castle-like feel for your country kitchen then coloring the walls to orange hues will definitely do the trick. Orange is a warm tone making the whole ambience inside the kitchen very inviting. The rustic feel can be decorated with wooden cabinets, wrought iron fixtures, elegant dining table and chairs. Not to mention a cozy fireplace where one can spend hours. Brown tiled flooring and wooden doors are some of the extra signature factors in keeping up with the whole traditional style.

Royalty Like Orange

Try the above mentioned ideas to give the vintage look to your kitchen. Add your own imagination and creativity along with these ideas to give a totally new look to your kitchen.

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